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Dress up your piano playing by adding a little "chord-color magic" to your songs! Learn to add simple color tones to your chords, and then add some fills and runs made out of those same chords. It makes your piano playing so much more exciting and interesting. Grab our free piano tips at


  • 1. Attention Piano Players!

2. You don't HAVE to play music on the piano like it is written in sheet music... 3. You CAN add CHORD-COLOR MAGIC to your songs! 4. It's not hard - and it makes your songs come alive with EXCITEMENT and FLAVOR! 5. Learn to COLOR WITHOUT CRAYONS on the piano! 6. Learn to add color-tones to those plain vanilla notes ... 7. Add harmonizing tones for a much fuller sound ... 8. Turn a simple chord into an exciting run or fill ... 9. I'll get you started free by showing you videos of how I do it! 10. Come over to right now to get started!


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