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Plateau Yakima Indians. By: Allyssa Bixler, Chloe McKenzie, Lindsey Stein, Abby Hammers. Homes. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Plateau Yakima tribe

Plateau Yakima IndiansBy: Allyssa Bixler, Chloe McKenzie, Lindsey Stein, Abby Hammers

1 HomesThe Yakima Indians lived in villages of underground winter houses sometimes known as pit houses.These homes are built partly underground, with a basement like living space dug from the ground and a dome shaped wooden frame built over it and packed with earth. Their houses were small (about 15 feet across)and only a single family lived in each one. In the summer during hunting, like the Plains people they had portable teepees.

2FoodsThey ate the following foods:NutsRootsBerriesDeer and ElkSmall GameFishSalmonCamas (a type of lily)

3 JobsMen hunted for food, farmed, skinned animals, made bows and arrows, and taught young boys how to do all that stuff.Women cooked the food, picked berries, made clothes, made clay pots, made woven baskets, cleaned, and taught young girls how to do all that stuff.

4ClimateThey had very cold winters and hot summers.The average heating degrees is 49.8 during the months of January through December.The average cooling degrees is 36.9 during the months of January through December.

5 ToolsThe Yakima Indians used the following tools:Fishing netsSpearsBows and arrows Wooden fish trapsHunting dogsShields made from Elk to protect them in war

6TransportationThe Yakima Indians used the following for transportation:By Birch-Bark canoe to get across lakes or any type of body of waterBy foot By horse

7 Kids Lives Play with other childrenGo to schoolHelp around the houseFishChoresPlay with Buckskin dolls and other toys and games depending on their moms culture

8ArtifactsBasket hats used to put objects or food in and also used for hats. Digging sticks are used to dig up roots from the ground.Arrowheads are used for making objects and for hunting.

9 Clothes They wore different clothes on different accessions like celebrations. They also wore beaded clothes.Yakima men wore breech clouts with leggings Short buckskin shirts with patterns and holes punched in themWomen wore buckskin dresses decorated with beads and quillworkMoccasinsFur robes and hats

10FactsVarious of plants and animals survived on the Plateau.The Plateau included parts of Northwestern states and British Columbia.The Plateau had plenty of water, provided by the large Columbia and Fraser Rivers.The Plateau cultural region lay between the Cascade and Rocky Mountains.

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