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<ul><li> 1. JOAN BORONAT ARNAU FONTSJORDI BARBERAN POL FONTS</li></ul> <p> 2. GIANTSThese are the giants of Pla de Santa Maria. They are very tall and they are called Sare and Marinada. In catalan Sare and Marinada are names of winds. 3. CHURCHThis is one of the churches of El Pla de Santa Maria. It is the yonung church. The other church is the older of Pla. 4. MANUFACTURESThis is the old factory. People worked in this factory long time ago. 5. Masia del PlaMasia del pla is the most important and the biggest restaurat in El Pla. In this restaurant you can eat very well. 6. FIRA DEL VENTFira del vent ( windfare) is the mostimportant event ofEl Pla. 7. SHIELDS OF EL PLA:FUTBOL CLUB, SKATIG AND HOKEY CLUB 8. Thanks forwatching.</p>