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General Discussion - Pisos in the Talmud From: Roman Page (ROMANPISO) To: ALL Hello All, O.k., here is a new discussion thread for the forum. This is another area of the Piso Theory that has been little studied up to this time. We know of several references in the Talmud to 'Jesus' or Arrius Piso and even to Pliny the Younger, but we expect to find and learn about many more. I will try to make a compilation of those that we know of currently and we can add to that in this thread at a later date when more information comes our way. For now, what is posted here by me will be somewhat limited to what I can find the time to post. Bear in mind that the Jews were the witnesses to what the Romans were doing and they tried to tell us via their works just what really went on when the Christian religion was being created. They knew who the persons were who were doing the deed as they were royals also and cousins of those who were authoring both the Roman histories and the New Testament. They were engaged in war with those cousins over the issue of slavery. Roman The Educational Articles Site http://www.angelfire.com/wi2/eduarticles

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PS: I may try to put together an article on the subject of the Pisos in the Talmud and will post that here and/or on the Educational Articles Site. Please do not expect this information anytime soon as I am already very far behind in what I trying to get done currently. This is not a particulary 'easy' area for me as in many instances I cannot cite the exact passages as I can do with those items from the New Testament. I must, if I am to do a good job in this area, double check with Abelard Reuchlin to make sure that the information and references are indeed accurate. Edited 9/22/2000 12:38:37 AM ET by ROMANPISO Options Reply

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Hello Barbara and the rest of you, I spoke to Reuchlin and I think that the news is rather good. Firstly, let me state to Barbara just what he had to say to her. He says that he is far too busy to start exploring the roots of each of the Jewish languages, but recommends that if this is what you wish to pursue that you find books by Noah Chomsky, who wrote back in the 1940's or so and work your way up to the present day findings. Reuchlin says that he will be very lucky to live to see his book/s completed, as he is elderly. If I understand him correctly, he intends to put the books out in volumes which are contained in several books. They will be chronological in nature so that persons who read them will find it easier to locate reference material, etc. He also said that he hopes to have the first book out in about a year from now. He does not expect a major publisher to pick up the book, and so he is looking at a limited edition of self-published books. The majority of the books, he says, he intends to send to libraries. His intention is to "get the information out there." I know that there are many of you who were hoping to be able to purchase of copy of his new book/s. I think that he will just wait to see what the response is and then consider whether he can afford to put out a second edition. But throught it all, he will keep working on the rest of the material which will be put into several later books. I think that once the key persons find out about the initial book, that there will be a call for the book to be published by someone or some organization such as a Jewish publishing house. But that is just my take on this. In any case, regarding the subject of what we term the "Jewish Proof Texts", Reuchlin has promised to include as much of that as he can. One particluar chapter he talked about he said was going to be titled "Talmudic Responses to Piso". So, I think that when all of this comes out that there will be plenty of evidence from all sides. There can hardly be any denying this once Reuchlin has his books out. It is just too overwhelming! Even the Jews themselves will be totally taken aback to find out finally, just what the texts that they had wondered about for so long actually refer to! Jews have recited prayers, for example, for which they have no clue as to what they refer to or are really about - now, they will be able to know EXACTLY what that prayer was preserved for, to point to PISO! Roman Page

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Before he decides to self-publish his work, he should contact Schoken Books in New York. They would more likely be interested in this type of work. They are publishers of all sorts of Jewish and other books and not as mainstream as some others. Options Reply

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Is it questionable that a man as dedicated as Reuchlin, will fall under attack by Christian apologists, and anti-Semites, alike? In regards to his background, of course, does he know of the possible threats out there of those who claim the authenticity of the "Bible?" Options From: Roman Page (ROMANPISO) To: thebarbara (CLOONEYFANS) Reply 9/30/00 2:00 am (5 of 76) 267.5 in reply to 267.3

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Hi Barbara, I will pass along your suggestion. However, I think that the reason that he wishes to self-publish is a legal one. As a writer myself I understand the issues that are involved. Submitting manuscripts to publishers take a lot of time. You could get "tied up" for 6 months at a time between awaiting replies from publishers. Next, if your manuscript is accepted, you are offered a standard contract and there is usually small print that says that they are more or less "buying" your rights to the material. That means that instead of you having any power or 'say' in what happens to your material after that point, you lose that and they are free to "edit" it in any way that they see fit. Essentially, they have the right to change what you wrote and turn it completely around if they chose to do so. So, that is a huge risk. There are a lot of legal issues involved, what I stated here is only a small sample. If you are not wise to those things or even if you are, you can easily be taken advantage of and your work can be (1) taken from you for peanuts, and (2) published or NOT published, (3) twisted around to make you look like a fool. So, always be aware of those things when considering publishing. When you sign a contract, you may very well be signing away all of your basic rights to your own work and allowing persons to use it against you if they so wish. Be careful. Roman Page Options From: Roman Page (ROMANPISO) To: MABEUS Reply 9/30/00 2:07 am (6 of 76) 267.6 in reply to 267.4

MABEUS, Yes, I think that Reuchlin is well aware of the resistance that he will be met with when the books come out. He has his own ways of doing things and he has been fine so far. He has been putting out his booklets since 1979. Between what he has been doing and what others have, together we have informed over a million persons about this now. But that is still a far cry from the over 450 million persons in the U.S. He will be careful. He knows what the risk is. Roman Page

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Great news!!! I have just received a preview copy of examples from the Jewish Proof Texts from Abelard Reuchlin!!! What I will do is when I get the time to, I will go through and pick out selected paragraphs to share with you here in this forum. And, if I can also do it, I will post some of those with my own commentary in the form of articles online. I know how many of you have been waiting to read the "Jewish side" of this and most especially because the 'Jews' (Pharisees) of the time were also the eye-witnesses to the creation of the Christian religion. I have read through this once and am very pleased with the level of scholarship and the inclusion of references, the use of the exact words and so on. This particular preview copy is what is planned to be a part of the latest edition of "The True Authorship of the New Testament." That will probably come out in about a year from now. So, this is something that we have all been waiting for! Give me a couple of weeks to see what I can do regarding this as I have other things to do first. But you, the readers, posters and even lurkers of this forum will be the first to see and read for the first time just what the Jews who knew about what the Pisos did wrote in their own texts about it! I think that once you see all of this evidence that you will be amazed! It is amazing that through all of the burnings of the Talmud that some of these original passages from the Talmud still even exist at all! The Roman Catholic church did so much to try to destroy and censor the Talmud and other Jewish texts that we should be truly grateful for that which has survived it all - through crusades, book burnings, wars in continous succession through all of the years up to and including WWII. Truly amazing! If it were not for those individuals who ha