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The idea for the PIF Network came from a movie called Pay It Forward. Our founder was inspired by the movie and came out with this idea. He was also inspired by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett who will donate 99% of their wealth to charity.He believes that the majority of people are born with a good heart, they like to help others. But in reality, many people cannot even take good care of themselves and their families, let alone help others.Therefore, the only way is to create a business platform with the Power of Leverage, that can help us generate uninterrupted income, so that we can help ourselves and help others.We may know the power of leverage, but most of us do not know how to utilize it. MLM companies are using the power of leverage to build their businesses and some of them are doing well.But the fact is, not many people like to do MLM. There is just too much hassles in MLM business and success in MLM is not easily achievable.The PIF Network has eliminated all the hassles of MLM but retained the power of leverage to help us generate uninterrupted passive income.We foresee that there will be more and more people, who shares the same vision, joining the PIF Network. The network will grow big very soon, and we will be able to help many people and charity organizations. People will feel proud to join this network.Our founder believes that everyone should live an enriching and fulfilling life. If you share this vision, we welcome you to join us and invite others too.----------------------------------------------------------------------If you wish to know more, send an email to michael@speedwealthbiz.com with the subject "PIF".


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