Picassos and other paintings, stolen!

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  • Picassos and other Paintings, Stolen!

    In an article published by the New York Times, Doreen

    Carvajal reported about a heist that happened in

    Rotterdam Gallery. This could have been a usual kind

    of a burglary: burglars coming in haste, armed with

    guns, shocking onlookers and leaving victims

    perplexed. But in this particular heist, burglars came in

    haste and not just armed with guns, but most

    importantly, armed with their impeccable timing and

    artistic taste. In the shortest time possible, the burglars

    were able to dismantle from the wall artworks of

    Picasso entitled Harlequin Head, Monets Waterloo Bridge, London, Gauguins Girl in Front of

    Open Window, Matisses Reading Girl in White and Yellow, Meyer de Haans self Portrait and

    Lucian Frueds haunting portrait entitled Woman with Eyes Closed.

    The Dutch police inspected the premises of the gallery and watched security surveillance tapes to

    piece information about the burglary. From what theyve gathered, the burglary took place

    around 3 a.m. The gallerys security alarm set off signals to the nearest security agency. There

    was only approximately a 5-minute delay from the alarm until the time that the police responded,

    but by the time police arrived, all the said artworks were already gone.

    The stolen artworks were part of the exhibit called Kunsthal. Unfortunately, all these artworks

    were only borrowed from a Dutch investor, Willem Cordia, who died in 2011. According to art

    theft experts, the heist was obviously premeditated and done by highly professional criminals as

    proven by how they selected the art pieces to be stolen. They raised questions about the integrity

    of the museums security department.

    Charley Hill, a retired Scotland Yard art detective had his fair share of opinions about the heist.

    According to him, The volume of the theft suggests that whoever stole it owes somebody a lot

    of money and its got to be a major league villain. It was carefully thought out, cleverly

    conceived, and it was quickly executed, so that suggests professionals. This case is linked to

    major crime in Holland, and my best guess is that someone does not have the cash to repay a


    Surprisingly, this heist was not the only one of its kind. Mr. Hill further commented that this

    heist has similar techniques used by a Dublin criminal gang which robbed 18 paintings from

    Alfred Beits collection at Russborough House in 1986 in Ireland, which became highly popular

    because the thieves buried their stolen arts under the ground. Mr. Hill is a private investigator

    whose claim to fame was when he went undercover to retrieve Edvard Munchs The Scream in


    Another historian and expert on plundered art, Marc Masurovsky, said that what was particularly

    intriguing about this case was the possibility that the theft was on a contract job, suggesting,

    These works were picked out. Could it be that they had been targeted well before the theft and

    the exhibit was the opportunity to strike?


  • During a press conference, the museums director Emily Ansenk insisted that the museum is

    armed with highly advanced surveillance and alarms. She further commented that this heist has

    hit the art world like a bomb and described it as a nightmare for any museum director.

    Officials of the Kunsthal exhibit opted to keep the estimated amount of the burglary in strict


    Today, the museum opens again with empty spaces for the stolen masterpieces.

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