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CNC WEB WORLD is Indias First one to one training centre in Pune , we Provide Training on Andriod Programming, java Programming, .net training, php training, web designing, graphic designing programming ,C++ programming, data structure and many more


  • 1. PHP TRAINING SYLLABUS HTML syllabusHTML - IntroductionHTML - LayoutsHTML - ElementsHTML - FramesHTML - TagsHTML - EntitiesHTML - TextHTML - ScriptsHTML - FormattingFormatting TagsHTML - Pre HTML - BoldHTML - AttributesHTML - ParagraphsHTML - FontHTML - HeadingsHTML - Text LinksHTML - Line BreaksHTML - CommentsHTML - Horizontal RuleHTML - Lists HTML - EmailHTML - ImagesHTML - ItalicHTML - Image Links HTML - CodeHTML - TablesHTML - SuperscriptHTML - Bgcolor HTML - SubscriptHTML - Color Codes HTML StrikethroughHTML - Color ChartHTML - BackgroundHTML -5Web FormsHTML - Forms HTML5 IntroductionHTML - Input HTML5 New ElementsHTML - Text Fields HTML5 VideoHTML - PasswordHTML5 Video/DOMHTML - Reset HTML5 AudioHTML - SubmitHTML5 Drag and DropHTML - CheckboxesHTML5 CanvasHTML - Radio HTML5 SVGHTML - SelectHTML5 Canvas vs. SVGHTML - Hidden Fields HTML5 GeolocationHTML - UploadHTML5 Web StorageHTML - Textareas HTML5 App CacheSpecial Tags HTML5 Web WorkersHTML - BodyHTML5 SSEHTML - Music Codes HTML5 FormsHTML - Video Codes HTML5 Input TypesHTML - MetaHTML5 Form ElementsHTML - Style HTML5 Form AttributesHTML - Div CNC WEB WORLD Brahma Estate C/2, Office No 21 1st Floor, NIBM Page 1

2. CSS SYLLABUSCSS IntroductionCSS SyntaxCSS Id & ClassCSS HowCSS StylingStyling BackgroundsStyling TextStyling FontsStyling LinksStyling ListsStyling TablesCSS Box ModelCSS Box ModelCSS BorderCSS OutlineCSS MarginCSS PaddingCSS AdvancedCSS Grouping/NestingCSS DimensionCSS DisplayCSS PositioningCSS FloatingCSS AlignCSS Pseudo-classCSS Pseudo-elementCSS Navigation BarCSS Image GalleryCSS Image OpacityCSS Image SpritesCSS Media TypesCSS Attribute SelectorsCNC WEB WORLD Brahma Estate C/2, Office No 21 1st Floor, NIBM Page 2 3. JAVASCRIPT TRAINING SYLLABUSINTRODUCTION What is JavaScript?EVENTS & LISTNERS PreRequirements Creating a JavaScript file Events Overview Tools Required Responding to Mouse Events Form Events TimersBASICS OF JAVASCRIPTS Structure of a JavaScript Code DataTypes, Variables & Operators Looping & Conditional Statements DEBUGGING JAVASCRIPTS Functions Common Mistakes Using FirebugTYPES & OBJECTS Debugging a page Arrays NumbersAPPLICATION OF JAVASCRIPTS Strings Dates Smarter Forms UI Enhancements Objects Countdown Resizing webpagesDOM (DOCUMENT OBJECT MODEL) What is DOM? JAVASCRPITS LIBRARIES Element Nodes Getting Element Nodes Libraries Overview Changing DOM Content JQuery and more. Creating DOM Elements CNC WEB WORLD Brahma Estate C/2, Office No 21 1st Floor, NIBMPage 3 4. Php ProgrammingPHP Introduction Specifying Field Data Types Introduction PHP and MySQL Selecting the Most Appropriate Benifits of using PHP MySQLData Type Setup of PHP Environment Adding Field Modifiers and Keys Testing the Page Selecting a Table Type Altering Troubleshooting Installation Tables Errors Altering Table and Field Names Altering Field Properties PHP Programming Concepts Adding and Removing Fields and Write your First PHP Program Keys Embed PHP in HTML / HTML in Altering Table TypesPHP Backing Up and Restoring PHP Data Types Databases and Tables Variables in PHP Backing Up Databases and Tables SuperGlobal Variables Restoring Databases and Tables Operators in PHP from Backup Conditional Statements Dropping Databases and Tables Loops (For, While, Do While, Viewing Database, Table, and FieldForeach) Information PHP Functions Using Functions in PHPSQL Queries Userdefined Functions Inserting Records Predefined Functions Editing and Deleting Records Common Functions Performing Queries String Functions Retrieving Specific Columns File Functions Filtering Records with a WHERE Date FunctionsClause Hash Functions Using Operators Mail Function Sorting Records and EliminatingDuplicates MySQL Database Training Limiting Results What is Database ? Using Built-In Functions Understanding an RDBMS Grouping Records Understanding Tables, Records, Joining Tables and Fields Using Subqueries SQL Language Using Table and Column Aliases Using the MySQL Command-Line Client Arrays and Array Functions Why use Arrays Working with MySQL Admin Types of Arrays Working with PHP MyAdmin Creating Arrays Creating Databases Accessing Arrays Types of Databases Array Functions Creating Tables in Database Using Array FunctionsCNC WEB WORLD Brahma Estate C/2, Office No 21 1st Floor, NIBM Page 4 5. Sessions & Cookies Why use Sessions Creating Sessions Checking Sessions Destroying a Session Sessions with Time Authentication Program using Sessions Why us Cookies Creating Cookies Storing data in Cookies Retrieving Cookie Data Authentication program with Cookies Error Handling in PHP Introduction to Error Handling Types of Errors in PHP Writing a Try Catch Block MySQL Functions in PHP Managing Database Connections Performing Queries Processing Result Sets Queries Which Return Data Queries That Alter Data Validations with JavaScript Basics of Java Script Variables, operators, loops Using Objects, Events Java Script Validations CNC WEB WORLD Brahma Estate C/2, Office No 21 1st Floor, NIBM Page 5 6. What is CNCWEBWORLDS IT Career Guidelines Approach?CNCWEBWORLDS IT Career guidelines Vision to placed more than 90% students from each and everybatches thats why we did enormous market research for IT student and come with solution. Our Approach Communicate with the CounselingSkill Teststudent Market testedFeedback Analysis ApproachTraining &PlacementInterview Preparation Development CNC WEB WORLD Brahma Estate C/2, Office No 21 1st Floor, NIBMPage 6 7. Why CNCWEBWORLD? 100% Practical Training. No fee for counseling. No Class room session. No fee for Interview preparation. No fee for communication skills training. No Time boundation for Practical session. No Black/White board session. No fee for Presentation skills. No fee for Resume preparation. One by one Training (1 faculty for 1 student). Real Time Training (Complete IT environment). 100 % job Assistance. Latest tutorial provided. Technologies update on weekly basis. Personal attention. Training on the basis of companys requirement. Percentage of placement is more than 95%. Dedicated team for placement.Note: All topics are covered in extreme detail with practical examples for all. Theoretical Classes will beaccompanied by practical sessions at our computer lab. Some of the topics may have been missed from thedisplayed syllabus above, which nonetheless will be covered during training session.We also Provide Training on C Programming, Java, Android, iPhone, Web Designing,Graphics Designing, Data structure,,, ,HTML5,CSS3,XML,javaScript and many more.. For more detail please contact us: Pune, OfficeCNC WEB WORLD Brahma Estate C/2, Office No 21 1st Floor, NIBM Kondhwa Near Jyoti Restaurant, Pune -411048Tel No: 020 41207557 Mob: 9175371080/81Email: Website: CNC WEB WORLD Brahma Estate C/2, Office No 21 1st Floor, NIBMPage 7


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