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  • 1.Philadelphia MoversAffordable Local & Long Distance Moving Quotes Moving Tips

2. Philadelphia MoversAffordable Local & Long Distance Moving Quotes Moving tips will help you prepare for a positive moving experience. You are probably very excited and a little overwhelmed about your move. There is so much to do. Here are some moving tips you might want to follow in order to help make your move a little more organized and a little less stressful. 3. Philadelphia MoversAffordable Local & Long Distance Moving QuotesBreak the Job DownOne of the best cross country moving tips is to start preparingtwo months prior to moving day. You have already found yournew home, so now is the time to focus on tying up loose endsin your old home. Before you think of packing or hiringmovers, follow one of the best tips to getting your moveunderway. 4. Philadelphia MoversAffordable Local & Long Distance Moving Quotes De-Clutter Your Existing Residence The first of several tips that will help make your move as stress- free as possible is getting rid of anything you have not used in six months or more. You can make this job easier by having several boxes around. These will be great for packing, so by following tips like this you can fill two purposes at once. One of the most efficient moving tips to follow is to label boxes "Toss", "Donate" and "Sell". 5. Philadelphia MoversAffordable Local & Long Distance Moving QuotesImmediately toss everything you have placed in the "Toss" box. Thiswill give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your momentum.The donating can be made easier by calling your favorite localcharity. Many of them have pick up service, so let them come andpick up your donations. This is one of the tips that will save youtime.Following some additional moving tips, you can take the twomonths time you have and get selling! You will create extra revenuefor your move and unload your stuff at the same time. This is a greatway to make your forthcoming move a little less of a chore. You canhave a garage sale or perhaps sell your stuff on websites you findonline. 6. Philadelphia MoversAffordable Local & Long Distance Moving Quotes Hire Movers and Start Packing Now you are ready for the next few moving tips. If you are going to keep your move as stress-free as possible you are going to want to follow as many tips as you can to help make the move as orderly as possible. One easy step to get out of the way is to file your change of address form with the United States Postal Service. You can either fill out a form at your post office or you can fill out a form online. 7. Philadelphia MoversAffordable Local & Long Distance Moving QuotesOne of the best moving tips is to do this about six weeks ahead of themove. Meanwhile, you can start to price various moving companiesin your area. When you find packers who have goodbackgrounds, the right insurance and suitable materials and trucksfor your furniture, you can look forward to a safe and sound move.In order to do the best job with the often-dreaded task ofpacking, you want to take heed of tips that help you ease this step.You can get boxes online which can be shipped to you for a nominalcharge. It is best to have a variety of boxes. In order to packclothes, for example, be sure to have ample wardrobe boxes onhand. 8. Philadelphia MoversAffordable Local & Long Distance Moving QuotesMake sure you label your boxes clearly so you can have the moversplace various boxes into your new home in the correct room. Kitchenitems can be placed in your new kitchen and so on. It is better tostart packing weeks ahead and get a little bit accomplished each daythan to put it off until the last minute.About one month ahead of the move you will want to look intogetting your new utility services set up. You will also want to call yourexisting services and arrange to have them shut off at an appropriatetime and day after your move is complete. You do not want the lightsto go out in the middle of your first day at your new home. 9. Philadelphia MoversAffordable Local & Long Distance Moving Quotes Moving Day When your hired movers arrive, you may be reeling with excitement and some jitters. While finishing touches are being put on the boxes being loaded onto the moving trucks by your professional movers, here is one of the most important moving tips to follow. Assemble a box containing essentials you need right away at your new home such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, medications, and paper plates. 10. Philadelphia MoversAffordable Local & Long Distance Moving Quotes Finally, one of the moving tips which can provide you with less stress is to aim to unpack one roomful of items on moving day. Ideally, this would be a bedroom so that you can have a freshly made bed wake up in on your first full day in your new place. This will make adjusting to your new place easier and give you a feeling of accomplishment.