personality traits of salesmen

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  • Presented to you by Petras ZibolisVilnius Business CollegeSecond year student ofApplied English language

  • Trait theory In psychology, it is an approach to the study of human personality

  • HighlightsModestyConscientiousnessAchievement OrientationCuriosityLack of GregariousnessLack of DiscouragementLack of Self-Consciousness

  • ModestyStereotype of salespeopleTeam orientation

  • ConscientiousnessMost of salesman are conscientiousAccount control

  • Achievement OrientationMeasuring the performancePolitical orientation

  • CuriosityTop salespeople are very curiousInquisitiveness

  • Lack of GregariousnessThe better the salesperson the lower the gregariousnessDominance

  • Lack of DiscouragementOccasional sadnessCompetitiveness

  • Lack of Self-ConsciousnessIts byproduct is inhibition and bashfulnessAggressiveness

  • Not all salespeople are successful

  • PersonalityYour personality is entirely up to youTaking up a hobby

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