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<ul><li><p>Personal Trainer/Fitness Staff Job Description </p><p> Job Title: Personal Trainer, Part-time Reports to: Fitness Center General Manager Job Summary: Under the supervision of the Fitness Center General Manager, Personal Trainers are responsible for </p><p>managing and maintaining the fitness floor, being responsive to members by offering assistance and educating them on the safe and correct use of cardiovascular and weight training equipment. Additionally, Personal Trainers perform Welcome Workout orientations/assessments, sells personal training packages, conducts one-on-one personal training sessions and answers fitness related questions. </p><p> Duties and Responsibilities: Member Services Perform member Fitness Center orientations (Welcome Workouts) based on JCCs protocol, evaluate health history, </p><p>conduct assessments, demonstrate equipment usage and develop a safe, effective workout plan. Maintain a current schedule in a custom software application and follow-up with all first Welcome Workout </p><p>appointment assignments to set up a second appointment. Encourage new members to participate in other JCC program offerings: For example: small group and/or semi-</p><p>private training classes, Group Exercise classes, and adult/youth recreation programs. Keep up-to-date on current JCC program offerings. </p><p> Personal Training Promote the JCC personal training program during Fitness Center orientations (Welcome Workouts), fitness floor </p><p>shifts and contacting interested members within 24 hours of receiving a lead. Maintain a client base by selling new packages, and encouraging current clients to continue. Assist in development </p><p>and implementation of new programs and classes. Develop safe and effective exercise programs utilizing progression; programs are consistent with members </p><p>goals/needs and within the scope of your education and knowledge your currently possess. Maintain up-to-date client records and accountability for tracking pending client appointments. When personal training during your scheduled fitness floor shift, training must be done within the Fitness Center or </p><p>on building property and may only be done for up to half of your scheduled shift. No drinks or food should be carried around while personal training, except for water or sports drinks. Attend all mandatory Personal Trainer meetings, and professional development courses deemed necessary by the </p><p>General Manager. Fitness Floor Responsible for being punctual and finding shift coverage when needed. A JCC staff shirt and nametag must be worn </p><p>during personal training sessions, fitness floor shifts, and Welcome Workouts. Represent the Fitness Center in a positive &amp; professional manner at all times. Introduce yourself, greet members by </p><p>first name, smile, engage in conversation, answer questions, and book appointments. Circulate fitness floor at least once every 15-20 minutes and assist members in safe and effective exercise form. Maintain a clean, safe and organized fitness floor by re-racking weights, organizing magazine racks, picking up </p><p>towels or trash, refilling sanitizing wipe containers, and noting any needs of equipment repair. Report equipment issues to the General Manager. </p><p> Enforce all Fitness Center rules and policies. Minimum floor shift requirement based on weekly personal training clientele base. </p></li><li><p> Cell phone use is prohibited in the Fitness Center, Cardio Deck, behind the Personal Trainer desk, in the hallways directly adjacent to the Fitness Center/Cardio Deck &amp; during personal training. This applies for phone calls, texting, and e-mailing. </p><p> Computer use is for JCC business only; no personal use is allowed such as social media websites, Internet searches, etc. </p><p>Job Qualifications: Nationally accredited training certification (ACSM, NASM, NSCA, ACE) Certification in CPR/AED/FA Preferred Qualifications: 5 years experience in the health and fitness industry A degree in health, wellness, and/or fitness-related field preferred Skills and Knowledge: Proficiency in Microsoft Office and ability to be trained in any necessary software. Must possess up-to-date knowledge of fitness protocols. Physical Demands: Must be able to work in a busy environment. Must be willing to work nights and weekend hours, including off and on-site events. Position calls for sitting, standing, and walking throughout the building. Routinely lifts and carries, moves and positions objects weighing up to 45 pounds. Occasionally lifts objects over 45 pounds. Candidate must be in good physical condition. ____________________________________date__________________________ Personal Trainer ____________________________________date___________________________ Dori Venditti Fitness Center General Manager </p></li></ul>