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<ul><li><p>This Personal Trainer Certification is not currently beingoffered. Were recommending you earn your certification</p><p>through NESTA (National Exercise &amp; Spots TrainersAssociation)Details &gt;&gt;&gt;</p><p>ABOUT ADMISSIONS STUDENTS DEGREES</p></li><li><p>With the Wexford University Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) self-directed online training program, you learn at home, at your ownpace. No set schedules, study when you want to; you have thefreedom to take your time to ensure you completely understandeach concept being taught.</p><p>The Wexford University Certified Personal Trainerprogram includes:</p><p>Online Certification ExamOfficial Online Textbook (downloadable)Over 30 hours of Online Lectures, Presentations and TrainingVideosOnline Quizzes to Ensure Your Are on TrackComprehensive Sports Performance ModuleExtensive Video Training from Wexford University FacultyComprehensive Entrepreneurial Business, Marketing and Career Modules</p><p>With the Wexford Certified Personal Trainer program, youwill:</p><p>Advance your career. The Wexford training model prepares youto successfully train a wide range of clientsDirect application. Wexford understands the importance ofdirect application. All course modules emphasize application overtheory.Financial success. Wexford Certified Personal Trainers learncutting edge business and marketing strategies, entrepreneurshipand brand building.</p><p>Course Modules:</p></li><li><p>Module 1 Kinesiology and Functional AnatomyModule 2 BiomechanicsModule 3 Exercise PhysiologyModule 4 NutritionModule 5 FlexibilityModule 6 AssessmentModule 7 Program DesignModule 8 Exercise TechniquesModule 9 Sports Performance &amp; ConditioningModule 10 Safety, Injury Prevention and TreatmentModule 11 Special PopulationsModule 12 Business of Personal TrainingModule 13 Career Strategies and Applications for the Certified Personal Trainer (Entrepreneurship)Module 14 Exam</p><p>BONUS GIFTS: Were giving you 26 Best-selling books to give you a superior edge as you begin your fitness career.</p><p>Book topics include the following: Networking, Sales, Marketing, Success Mindset, Publicity, Brand Building, Trends,Technology, Business Law Made Simple, Social Media, Online Marketing, and much more. You will not be tested on thesebooks. All books are PDF ebook format.NOTE: You are not tested on the material in these books. Its just our gift to you so you have the best resources to starta successful career in fitness.</p></li><li><p>Course Approvals:</p></li><li><p>The Wexford University Personal Trainer Certification is approved and licensed by the state ofCalifornia. You can use your Wexford Personal Trainer Certification in any state in theU.S. and work throughout the world. Wexford graduates work in a wide range of health andfitness centers, gyms, spas and resorts around the world.</p><p>Wexford University is a private university licensed to operate by the (BPPE) Bureau for PrivatePostsecondary Education (California Education Code 94900 mid/or 94915). The University wasfounded in 1999, and has been continuously approved by the State of California to offer certifications, undergraduate andgraduate level degrees. School Code: 4306651</p><p>Approved for Continuing Education Credits (CECs/CEUs) from the following professional industryassociations:NESTA (National Exercise &amp; Sports Trainers Association) 4.0 CEUsSI (Spencer Institute) 4.0 CEUsMMACA (Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Association) 4.0 CEUsITCA (International Triathlon Coaching Association) 4.0 CEUsNASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) 1.9 CEUsISSA (International Sports Science Association)</p><p>Your benefits of earning your Personal Trainer Certification withWexford University:</p><p>Earn the most comprehensive personal trainer certification designationavailableCertification has same appearance as Wexford degree diplomasYour Certification will state: Wexford University Certified PersonalTrainer with emphasis in Sports PerformanceNo need to travel to take your certification exam. With Wexford, itstaken online.Take up to 6 months to complete your training. Finish as quickly as youlike.</p></li><li><p>Wexford offers the only personal trainer certification with a sports performance emphasisLearn how to earn a significant income with our comprehensive, business, marketing and career mastery modulesThe credit you earn with your Wexford Personal Trainer Certification is transferable to the Wexford Associate of ArtsDegree in Fitness Training and Bachelors Degree in Health &amp; Fitness (optional)</p><p>What makes the Wexford University Personal Trainer Certification unique?</p><p>Its the only personal trainer certification with specialized courses in sports performance and entrepreneurshipIts the only certification which includes such extensive training in business, marketing and entrepreneurship from theworlds leading expertsIts the most comprehensive training course of its kind, giving you more education, know knowledge and more value</p></li><li><p>Program Details:Requirements for you to become a Wexford UniversityCertified Personal Trainer</p><p>1. 18 years of age or older2. High school diploma or GED</p><p>Quizzes &amp; Final Exam:</p><p>Each module has a Knowledge Check Quiz. Each of thesequizzes consist of 20 questions. You have 30 minutes to completeeach Knowledge Check Quiz.</p><p>The final exam is multiple-choice and taken online. You have 2hours to complete the final exam.</p><p>Recertification and Continuing Education Process</p><p>Wexford requires each certified personal trainer (CPT) tocomplete 4.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) over a four yearperiod. Each 0.1 CEU is worth one hour of study time or onecontact hour in a live training format.</p><p>Now is the best time to secure your future as a WexfordCertified Personal Trainer.</p><p>Enjoy helping your clients get in shape safely and effectivelyStart your fitness career at a gym of your choice, or launch your own personal training and sports conditioningbusinessTrain general fitness enthusiasts, elite athletes and special populationsBecome a fitness entrepreneur; write a book, start a blog, make exercise videos, get on TVCreate your ultimate career, enjoy your dream life; live your passion</p></li><li><p>Degree ProgramsContact</p><p> 2016 Wexford University</p><p>This Personal Trainer Certification is not currently being offered. Were recommending you earn your certification through NESTA (National Exercise &amp; Spots Trainers Association) Details &gt;&gt;&gt;Program Details:</p></li></ul>