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  • Personal Branding ProjectMeagan CottageCOM 300

  • Table of ContentsThe Past-Who am I?-Where do I come from?

    The Present-What am I doing now?-What inspires me?

    The Future-What are my goals-What are my dreams?-Who do I hope to become?

  • The PastWho am I? Born June 9th, 1989

    My family is comprised of my mom and dad, my older sister who is married to my brother-in-law, who have two sons, and then my younger sister

    I am the middle child, with an older and younger sister

    I am an aunt to my two nephews who are 3 and 8!

    I consider myself to be relatively outgoing but also enjoy spending time at home with my family

  • Where do I come from? I was born and raised in San Diego, in a coastal city called Oceanside

    I went to a small private Christian school from 1st grade to 12th grace. Our graduating class only had 30 people!

    Ive never moved from the house I grew up in!!

    EXCEPT, when I studied abroad in England for 6 months!! (see picture)

    I started playing soccer at a young age and still continue today. I believe that is where my passion for running came from.

    Its hard to tell but that is Buckingham Palace in the background

  • The PresentWhat am I doing now? Running!! My first Marathon in San Diego, set to run my first full marathon with my dad in OctoberI am graduating in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Public RelationsI am a in store/online manager of a clothing store called The Printed Palette

  • What inspires me?ReadingThe BeachGods CreationHe made heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them. He keeps every promise forever. Psalm 146:6

  • The FutureWhat are my goals?Graduate with HonorsContinue being involved with the community and my churchTo hopefully pay off my car and small student loans this yearAnd to secure a full time staff position with a church or non profit doing community events

  • What are my dreams?One day own by own business or nonprofit

    To backpack my way through Europe for two weeks in September (hopefully!!).

    Have a family of my own..

  • Who do I hope to become?Someone who can inspire othersSomeone who can point others to Jesus