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<p>BRANDING PERSONAL </p> <p>FROM 2.0 TO 0.0 </p> <p> A brand is a collection of </p> <p>perceptions in the mind of a consumer </p> <p>Brands are born of </p> <p>experience and reflect </p> <p>reputation </p> <p>politics fame </p> <p>business cience </p> <p>WE ARE ALL BRANDS </p> <p>If youre not branding yourself, you can be assured that others are </p> <p>doing it for you </p> <p>A PERCEPTION OR EMOTION MAINTAINED BY OTHER THAN YOU, </p> <p>THE TOTAL EXPERIENCE OF YOU </p> <p>IS THE STORY OF YOU </p> <p>PERSONAL BRANDING = DIFERENTIATION </p> <p>VIDEO </p> <p>THINK DIFFERENT </p> <p>IN PERSONAL BRAND PASSION/PURPOSE/PLANNING/PEOPLE/PLAY/PERSEVERANCE </p> <p>6Ps </p> <p>PURPOSE </p> <p>IF YOU STAND FOR NOTHING YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING RONNIE APTEKER FOUNDER INTERNET SOLUTIONS </p> <p>PASSION </p> <p>VISION IS A LOVE AFFAIR </p> <p>WITH AN IDEA BOYD CLARKE &amp; RON CROSSLAND THE LEADERS VOICE </p> <p>PLANNING </p> <p>IT IS EASY TO DECIDE WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO. THE HARD THING IS TO DECIDE WHAT ARE YOU NOT GOING TO DO MICHAEL DELL </p> <p>PEOPLE INDIVIDUAL COMPETITIVENESS = what you know X who you know </p> <p>JONAS RIDDERSTRALE &amp; KJELL NORDSTOM FUNKY BUSINESS </p> <p>NOTHING, THE SLIGHTES BIT AMAZING HAS EVER BEEN IN ISOLATION </p> <p>PLAY </p> <p>LIFE ITS SHORT, PLAY MORE </p> <p>PERSEVERANCE </p> <p>IF YOU CAN FORCE YOUR HEART AND NERVE AND SINEW TO SERVE YOUR TURN LONG AFTER THEY ARE GONE, AN SO HOLD ON WHEN THER IS NOTHING IN YOU EXCEPT THE WILL WHICH SAYS TO THEM: `HOLD ON! RUDYARD KIPLING FROM THE POEM IF </p> <p>What do you value? What are your passions? What motivates you? </p> <p>What are your goals? </p> <p>What makes you remarkable? </p> <p>WHY ARE YOU UNIQUE </p> <p>word </p> <p>FROM 0.0 TO 2.0 </p> <p>Thanks! </p>