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  • 1. Craft Key MessagesforConnecting with Your Network[Cyndee Woolley, APR](239)571-3174 | | #PRSAwebinar@cmwooll | #BrandYou

2. Your Brand isa reflection of everyexperience a person expects ofyou, and his or her emotionalreaction to that experience. 3. What shapes a brand? Vision Values Priorities Accomplishments Goals 4. How do you express your brand?1.Appearance2.Verbiage / Language3.Friendliness / Approachability4.HumorYou have 3 secondsMake it count! 5. 5 Brand Key Messages1. Your Vision2. Establish Credibility3. Relevance / Wiifm4. Brand Value5. Close the Deal 6. 1. Your Vision[You]topia is a clear vision of your ideal life1.Personal and Professional2.Get descriptive for you3. Short version 7. 2. Establish CredibilityWhat are your top 5accomplishments?Why should peoplesupport you?Edit your LinkedInprofile 8. 3. RelevanceWiiFM Features to BenefitsStatement.Many times the benefit is notmoney. 9. 4. Value Your BrandIn order to build Brand Value, you need to:1.Know your customer and why they value you2.Equip yourself with the right tools3.Deliver the value that your customers desire 10. 5. Close the DealAlways be closing1. Dont be afraid to sortthe cards2. Dont fumble with theLets talk later3. Give people specificcalls to action 11. Illustrate Your Key Messages1. Create an emotionalconnection2.Come from the heart3. Internalize your keymessage 12. Elements of a Great Story1.Set the scene2.Vivid main characters3.Your journey or quest4.Encountering conflict5.Clear resolution andlesson learned 13. Questions? 14. Cyndee Woolley, APR is the owner of C2 Communications. Formore than a decade, she has consulted with boutique firms andFortune 500 companies in building brand exposure, rebranding,strategic communications and community outreach planning.An active member of PRSA - she is a past-president of theGulf Coast Chapter and currently serves as the Chair-elect of thePRSA District Council. Additionally, she has served as a past-chair ofthe Sunshine District, co-chair of the 2014 Sunshine DistrictConference, secretary of the District Council, and co-chair of the2011 Sunshine District QuickStart.She has been a featured speaker at the 2013 PRSA Western DistrictConference, 2012 Sunshine District Conference, and the 2011 PRSAInternational Conference. She has also been a keynote presenter atFull Sail University and Hodges University, where her book has beenintegrated into the Executive MBA program to help graduates takecharge of their futures.Cyndee's true passion in life is helping individuals succeed on theirown career path, so she has translated branding strategies from herclients and national companies into a strategy to build a unique andpowerful personal brand.To schedule Cyndee for your next corporate training or professionaldevelopment event, please call (239)571-3174.[Cyndee Woolley, APR](239)571-3174 | | 15. Dont forget to Tweet aboutthis webinar:@PRSAevents | #PRSAwebinar@cmwooll | #BrandYou