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Personal Branding: How to Survive in Tough Economic Times. Prepared for Kodak WFKE Spring Forum. Keynote presented by Debbie Harper.


  • 1.PERSONAL BRANDING: HOW TO SHINE IN TOUGH ECONOMIC TIMES Presented by Debbie Harper Harper Hewes Executive Search

2. YOU DECIDEDo YOU control your brandORDoes your brand control YOU? 3. What Is Branding?g Branding is the art of becoming knowable likableBrandingknowable, and trustable.-from Duct Tape Marketing from 4. What does branding do for you?gy Control your identity Establishes your credibility Increases your visibility within the company Increases your visibility within your i d I i ibilii hi industry Quality attracts quality Levels the playing field 5. Whats Your Brand? Who you thinkWho theyou are world thinks you are 6. Keys to Personal Branding y gCLARITY + CONTENT + CONSISTENCY =CREDIBILITY 7. CLARITY Who are you? What d Wh do you want to be known for? b kf ? Who do you want to reach? What do they want to know? 8. CONTENT What h ld be h d? Wh should b shared? Prove that you are who you say you are. Describe scope and outcomes. TARGET your message to the people you want to reach. 9. Real LinkedIn ProfilesKey words: Business Analyst Kodak Business Analyst Experience Business analyst Eastman Kodak Public Company; 10 001 or more employees; EK P bli C10,001l EK;Printing industry Currently h ld this position Cl holds hiii 10. LinkedIn - Key words: Business Analyst KodakExperience Senior Business Analyst Eastman Kodak Public Company; EK; Consumer Goods industry February 2009 P F b Present (1 year 5 months) h) Currently Project Manager and design lead for implementation of M f i li f Manufacturing E i Execution systemsi 11. LinkedIn - Key words: Business Analyst KodakExperience Business Analyst, Americas Logistics Eastman Kodak Public Company; EK; Consumer Goods industryp y; ;y September 2008 Present (1 year 10 months) - Redesigned budgeting process with activity-based costing, scenario management, and sensitivity analysis g ,yy - Drove Cost to Serve project to pareto businesses and customers that drive logistics costs - Identified cost reduction opportunities of $2.6M by customer and $0.5M $0 5M by business - Designed & executed SAP extracts, Access databases, and Crystal Reports tools 12. CONSISTENCY Is your messaging consistent? Doesyour content pass your brand test? Is your information current? Consistency of contribution Make a plan and stick with itplan, 13. CREDIBILITY Clarity + Content + ConsistencyYou are who you say you are.. Knowable, likable and trustable., 14. Components of your brandpy NameN Voicemail Greeting Appearance Elevator Speechp Attitude Profiles Business Card Portfolio Email Signature ActivitiesA i ii 15. Let Your Light Shineg The WebSocial MediaJoin theTheConversationCompanyGetInvolved 16. Let Your Light Shineg Shine on the Web Buy your url Personal Website Google profile 17. Let Your Light Shineg Shine in Social Media LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn Groups Facebook Twitter Other media 18. Let Your Light Shineg Shine Inside Kodak SharePoint Wikis Wiki s Email and reports 19. Let Your Light Shineg Join the Conversation Blog or respond to blog posts Industry Forums Ask and Answer on LinkedIn 20. Let Your Light Shineg Get Involved Get Active in Associations Speak and Present Network 21. Brand Busters Inadvertently branding yourself as a job seeker rather than a SME Misspellings Inconsistent messaging in your profile especially dates and companies Varied spellings of your name Political P liti l or controversial poststi lt Too much information Inappropriate timing Depending on your privacy settings the friends of your friend are your friends. friends Look at things in context and out of context especially pictures. Watch your language. Think twice be o e you plaster your resume all over the place. Its about branding,w ce beforep as e you esu e a ove e p ace. s abou b a d g, not commoditizing. Remember:Onceits out there, its FOREVER 22. Takeawaysy Youre already branding. Dedicate regular time to fine tune your message and enhance your online presence. Begin with the end in mind. Does this activity/post/action further my goal of mind positioning myself for the role to which I aspire? Prove that you are who you say you are with representative accomplishments that are quantified and in contextcontext. Keep and update your Atta Girl file. Branding is a process, not an event. Clarity + Content + Consistency = Credibility 23. About Harper HewespHarper Hewes Executive Search is a Recruitmentpand Consulting firm based in Rochester, NY. Wework with technology companies to recruit high performing sales, professional services, consulting andf il f i li lti d leadership teams. Our use of virtual project teams facilitates success on projects of any size or location. f Harper Hewes' principal Debbie Harper is a Certified Employee Retention Specialist (CERS) and brings this specialized knowledge to each search assignment We also provide retention consulting and payrolling / employer of record services.p y 24. About Harper Hewesp FIND US: US: 585.321.1700