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2. What is personal brand? Why you need a brand? How can you do branding? 3. What is a brand 4. BRAND Is the Perception or Emotion that the buyer describe a product/company based on their experience when doing business or consuming product/service 5. What people think about HONDA & Chinese motorbike -Middle-end motobike -Honda is safe and save fuel- Low-end motorbike - Chinese motorbike is cheap and not save enough 6. 7. iPhone & Nokia 8. PersonalBRAND Is the Perception or Emotion that other people describe YOU based on their experience when having relationship with YOU 9. Two popular man in the world 10. If you are looking forsafe CHOICE , then you shouldnt supporting for a 44-year-old black guy 11. Two modern woman I like best 12. Sexy, stylish, strong Lovely, friendly, emotional Mai Phuong Thuys brand Hoang Thuy Linhs brand 13. Now, tell me the brand of two men that close to you 14. 15. Why you need a brand? 16. Make yourself different in the competitive environment 17. Help you focus in what you really strong 18. How to brand yourself 19. 1. Identify your competences Understand yourself first UsingMBTI modelto find who you are. 20. Find what domains are available for you (Segmentation) Sample of shampoo For women For Baby For Man 21. 2.1 Example of segmentation in IT 22. 2.2 Segmentation by job characteristic Specialist Consultant Manager 23. Then, target in ONE segment that most suitable with your competencies and be. 24. Positioning (Choose your best suite) AND 25. Consistent with your choose 26. Producing yourself Offline footprint Online footprint Appearance : clothes, vehicles, tools Capacity, Behaviors, Skills Jobs done Physical health Personal relationship Avatar Contents Digital relationship e-CV People never know what you strong until you do 27. Broadcasting Communicate with you colleagues viainternal media channels : publication, mailing list, forum Connect with your clients, partners, friends viablogging 28. Thanks for your time!

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