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  • 1. 1Write a One SentenceDefinition of PerformanceManagement ?

2. 2 3. 3 4. Evaluation4 5. An effective performanceevaluation is important inOrganization & employee success5 6. Performance evaluation is a systematic,periodic and an impartial evaluation processof the performance of each employee byhis/her immediate superior; pertaining tohis job description , his potentials to dobetter performance and its relationship tothe goals of the organization6 7. Criteria for evaluation Objectivity --- No personal interest Appropriate as per job description/guidelines Reliable notations are prepared differentoccasions/persons Accurate Based on running commentary7 8. Measures of performance Subjective depends on personal behaviors--- cooperation with others Objective output numbers procedures ,absenteeism8 9. Aims of evaluation: Ensure quality nursing care to patients Ensure the nurse is an active participant in theorganizations goals and objectives Assist nurses to learn about their strength andweakness.- improve morale Enable work teams to assign according to theirindividual strength9 10. AIMS Give feedback on performance to employees-identifytraining needs Provide communication between employeeand administration Equal opportunities for employees Salary increase, promotions disciplinaryactions etc10 11. Tools to prepare Evaluation The performance appraisal format Guidelines for evaluation Anecdotal notes running commentary Manual s of policies & procedures Job description Letters of appreciation, classes attended11 12. Principles of Evaluation Based on assessment performance behavior Time appropriate within evaluation period Consistent : use similar evaluation format forall staff( categories) No discrimination- age , gender, religion,race ,disability etc The observations should be accurate running commentary /guidelines ( strong&weak)12 13. .Principles Based on job description Maintains confidentiality Done by immediate superior Discuss with employee( evaluatee)13 14. Common errors in evaluation process Central tendency- rated near the average or middle ofthe rating Subjective assessment /favoritism Halo effect persons one good character/performance to influence the entire evaluation persons one good character /performance toinfluence the entire evaluation Horns effect Allow one negative character/performance to influence entire evaluation Rater Effect Based on raters attitude towards rate14 15. ..errors Primary or recent effect Influenced by thebehavior exhibited by the rate during earlystages of review period(primary) or near the endof the the review period( recent) Perpetual set Assessment held by past heldbeliefs Spillover effect Allowing past performancerating to unjustifiably influence the current one Status effect Over rating( High level) underrating(low level15 16. ..errors Partial rating Basing the rating on the mostrecent period of time, not the totalevaluation period Similar to me evaluating more favouablythose who are similar to the rater Favoritism evaluating friends higher thanother employees16 17. What Performance appraisals can achieve andcontribute -- when they are properly managed Clarifying, defining, redefining priorities andobjectives Motivation through achievement and feedback Training needs and learning desires -assessment and agreement Identification of personal strengths anddirection - including unused hidden strengths Career and succession planning - personal andorganizational Team roles clarification and team building17 18. Appraisee and manager mutual awareness,understanding and relationship Resolving confusions and misunderstandings Reinforcing and organizational philosophies,values, aims, strategies, priorities, etc Delegation, additional responsibilities,employee growth and development Counseling and feedback18 19. Evaluation process Prepare Inform the evaluatee Venue- private free from interruptions Layout- seating Introduction Review & measure Agree on plans improve staff Agree on supports assistance to improve Invite any points /questions Close positively Record main points19 20. Ministry Evaluation The area H Nurse evaluate staffFormat: Personal data CID Leaves & Absenteeism Warnings and punishment etcIf staff transferred to another place during theyear evaluated in the area stayed more timeand other in-charge contribute to this20 21. Nursing personnel--- 3 parts1. Individual performance efficiency (10 statements)2. Team performance efficiency ( 4)3. Personal ability (5)Supervisory level has another session (4)------------------------------------------------------------Scale 4 descriptions 1-2-3-4 (4th least)21 22. While entering the system automatically scoreaccording to all entry and the marks and % isgiven Excellent : 100-90% Very Good : 75- 89% Good : 74- 51 % Weak ( unsatisfactory) : 50