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Download People in Societies THE LEGEND OF THE INDIAN PAINTBRUSH Retold and illustrated by: Tomie dePaola Description: THE LEGEND OF THE INDIAN PAINTBRUSH follows

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    Retold and illustrated by: Tomie dePaola

    Description: THE LEGEND OF THE INDIAN PAINTBRUSH follows the journe of a young Indian boy as he follows his vision quest to find the special gift that he can give his people. For the Pueblo Indian people of New Mexico, Mother Earth plays a crucial role in their art. They use natural materials in their pottery, buckskin painting and dance. A visit to the TaosPueblo in Taos, New Mexico, provides a beautiful visual backdrop for LeVar and three Pueblo artists.

    Activity Suggestion: Discuss with the class that before there were many books, people who lived together in countries,tribes, settlements, nations, etc., usually had their own collection of stories--often called myths, legends, fairy tales, fables, folktales or folk songs--that were passed on from the older group members to the younger by story telling. These were entertainingbut also carried a message. Ask the children what they think some of the messages are in THE LEGEND OF THE INDIAN PAINTBRUSH.


    Recognize that while there are traits common to all people, each individual has characteristics that makes her/him unique.

  • American HeritageObjective:

    Listen to and discuss stories that reflect the cultural heritage of the United States-past and present, real and fictional.FOLLOW THE DRINKING GOURD

    Author & Illustrator: Jeanette Winter

    Description: Based on the song "Follow the Drinking Gourd", this show explores an infamous chapter in America's history. As he celebrates the road to freedom paved by the Underground Railroad, LeVar introduces viewers to the history, heroes, stories and music of the African-American culture which emerged from slavery.

    Activity Suggestion: Have the student retell Peg Leg Joe's involvement in helping slaves to freedom. Examine the book illustrations to find the special mark he left to guide escaping slaves. What might have happened to Peg Leg Joe and other helpers on the underground Railroad if the slave owners discovered their activities? What might have happened to the slaves?

  • World InteractionsThe Roles of Weatherand LandscapeThe Effects of DroughtObjective:Describe the physical and humancharacteristics of places in thecommunity.The Effects of Blizzards

  • World InteractionsThe Roles of Weather and LandscapeActivity:

    Mini Tornado:

    Students will construct a mini tornado using two 2-liter bottles, a plastic connector, red food coloring, and a house from the game of Monopoly. Spinning the bottle will demonstrate the rotating motion of a tornado (simulating low pressure) as well as the centrifugal power of the storm. The red food coloring will help highlight the water/air currents and the hotel will simulate the way in which landforms are effected by the extreme winds.

  • World InteractionsObjectiveExplore how people in the local community and in communities around the world depend upon the environment.FARMING

  • World InteractionsThe Great Dust BowlThroughout the second half of the nineteenth century, American farmers overcultivated their land. As a result, the 16 feet of topsoil that predated European settlement of the United States was reduced to sand.

  • World InteractionsObjective:Demonstrate that a map represents a real place.

    ColoradoWashingtonActivity:After using various senses to explore a relief map, students will construct their own relief map using glue, rice, styrofoam, and paint. Students will then be asked what types of activities takeplace on their land based upon the nature of its surface (farming, mining, fishing, etc).


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