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Pecha Kucha talk for the FabLabCon 2013 in Aachen.


  • 1. Makerspaces (and libraries)
  • 2. Noord-Brabant 60 Munipali3es 20 Library Organisa3ons 100 loca3ons 1 Network 9 Projects Makerspaces
  • 3. Our 3 year mission is; To explore new library concepts and library services. To seek out new partners and engage new communi3es. And to just boldly experiment.
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  • 5. A fysical loca,on in which people with a shared interest (mostly but nog exclusively technology or science related) can gather, meet, socialise, learn, teach and create and share knowledge
  • 6. A library as a makerspace should: Facilitate room and equipment Support the produc3on of informa3on, knowledge, services and products For the people and by the people Local ini3a3ves Supports personal and professional development
  • 7. The mission of librarians is to improve society through facilita,ng knowledge crea,on in their communi,es (Lankes, 2012)
  • 8. A library without a collec,on is a communitycentre, a place for debate, seats2meet, Fablab or caf: Everything, but no library (Bruynzeels, 2013)
  • 9. But there are challanges Budget cuts No priority No Makers mantality
  • 10. We want to make the library a fabulous place! How do you see the future of the makers library?