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Pearl Nano Coating Autobody formula contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, it’s application to vehicle paintwork will give you that “super hydrophobic” visual effect, along with superior scratch & abrasion resistance.Super-Hydrophobic - Scratch Resistant Nano Coatings from Pearl - Detailer & Private Label Options. Contact Us:Tel: 866 285-1051 Toll free, E-mail: Dave [@]


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The best Non-Solvent Ceramic Coating. No harsh fumes, no mask or respirators. Easy to use / Eco Friendly Formula. Super-hydrophobic, Super

glossy. Forms a very durable coating that lasts over up to or more than 5 years. Pencil hardness test confirms “Greater than 9H” hardness. Tests conducted by

SGS and Assured Testing Services. Na

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The Pearl Nano Glass is the most durable protective aftermarket nano coating for glass surfaces! The multi- functional, ultra-thin coating reduces dirt and dust

accumulation and provides a scratch resistant, easy to clean protection, at the same time. The Pearl Nano Glass coating protects the glass from erosion, and from

stubborn staining from salt spray and mineral deposits. This is a proven and reliable coating that can handle harsh conditions and extreme temperatures.

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The Pearl Nano HD was designed specifically for wheels and marine use, but there are 1000’s of other uses as well. From ceramic tiles and fuel tanks, to countertops and other surfaces. It is meant

to withstand the most extreme conditions in the automotive & other environments. This permanent, protective coating resists extreme temperatures, has superior adhesion to coated

surfaces for extended durability, and is highly chemical resistant to protect many surfaces. It works great on wheels & calipers and protects it from damaging brake dust and fallout. This incredible coating will not only protect surfaces, but the hydrophobic & hydrophilic properties ensure the

surfaces stay cleaner longer, and are easier to clean!

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Similar to the Nano Base coat, but even more super-hydrophobic and a higher gloss finish. Water just wont stick to it! The Base coat & Top

coat combination creates a 3D matrix effect. The Super Slick surface is also easier to clean and does not need to be waxed again.

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