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Bredet Services helps Sage Accpac customer with Payroll Year End in this step by step PowerPoint presentation.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Bredet Services Inc. </p> <p>Payroll Year End </p> <p>Payroll Year End ChecklistBack-up DatabaseInstall and Activate the latest Tax UpdateUpdate Federal and Provincial Tax FormsUpdate TD1 Claims in AccpacPrint T4 Forms for Employees, Employers and Summary for the CRA. </p> <p>Step 1- Back Up DatabaseIn order to back up a database go to:Start- All Programs- Sage Accpac- Tools Database DumpSelect the Database and click Dump. </p> <p>Install and Activate Tax UpdateTax updates are needed to produce Government Reports and process Payroll correctly. Sage Accpac will provide you with the update.Launch download and allow download to Run. </p> <p>Install and Activate Tax UpdateOnce Tax Update is Installed you must activate Update.Go into Sage Accpac Data Activation to complete this step. </p> <p>Update Federal TD1 Form</p> <p>Update Provincial TD1-ON Form</p> <p>Update Employee Records There are 2 ways to complete thisUsing Update TD1 ClaimManually changing each employee record.</p> <p>Using Update TD1 Claim</p> <p>Update Taxes Manually</p> <p>Print T4 Forms for EmployeesBy Feb 28th employees require a copy of their T4 Statements. Accpac has the ability to print the form for you in the template of the government form. To access the form go to Sage Accpac Payroll Government Reports T4Accpac also can send T4s electronically. </p> <p>Payroll T4 Report </p> <p>T4 From Accpac </p> <p>Thank you for attending!Daniela PuzzoJennifer Holmanjholman@bredetservices.comThank You</p>


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