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Приморската алея в Бадалона


  • Passeig MaritiM

  • The beach

    The beach of Passeig Maritim is so beauti-ful with his sand,waves and rocks-Just like a beach in Hawaii!

    The beach is rocky so you might get hurt.

    This is the second best beach in Barcelona!

  • Tip!

    the new Paseig MaritiM of Badalona offers a new and revitalized since its inauguration, a few Months ago. hundreds of PeoPle coMe daily to either go to the Beach or just for a soothing stroll in the Mediterranean air.

    Paseig MaritiM Beach

    there are Many Beau-tiful Buildings on the coast. the PeoPle are very friendly and the hotels are as colourful as theM.

    Badalo-na is a coastal PoPu-lation of the Mediter-ranean, which has 3 Beaches linked By a ProM-enade saMe (gorg Beach, the Beach and the Beach Manres

    are Beach-es with calM waters, they all have Bars / Bars nearBy, along the Beaches can also find two Mu-niciPal Pools.

  • go

    Beautiful sights froM the Beach!

    the Mayor of Badalona, Xavier garca alBiol, is very Pleased with the recePtion given to the walk By Both citizens and tourists. the Mayor wanted to highlight that to this new area PeoPle froM across the city coMe to visit, even those neighBourhoods esPecially distant froM Badalona.

    neighBours and

    Business owners say the area has Been reBorn and even PeoPle

    froM other cities

    coMe to visit.

  • the city has found eleMents that Make it unique. in this new area the lacking Presence of van-dalisM is fairly noticeaBle.

    the Main attractions of this walk are the Pont del Petroli, the statue of anis del Mono and connection with the Port of Bad-alona.

    in this way, the city has found iconic ele-Ments that identify and distinguish the city, Making it a world of its own. one of the Most characteristic and Beloved fea-tures is the Monkey sculPture. dozens of PeoPle line uP every day to take a Photo with hiM.

  • the PalM trees and the Parrots on theM Make you feel like in Paradice!

    one of the Best Beaches in whole Bad-alona!

    Badalona Beach

  • the locals say the ride has given life to an area where no one seeMed to live. the Presi-dent of the local entity, enca Mares, ensures that the entire atMosPhere is fantastic these days

    the Beautiful sky with its Beautiful clouds!

    Many tourist visit the Beach every day!

    the wonderful seaside!!

  • the Bars on the Beach

    PeoPle take long 5 kiloMeters walks to the raMBla and the Port address. Badalona has Be-coMe a city oPen to the sea, Mares says.

  • noMBre del recurso:Paseig Mari-tiM.uBicacion: Platja de la estacio

    Bicileta: Si avion: no MaritiMo: Si a pie: Sitren: Si

    Fotos: si Videos: si Planos: si Codigo QR: no

    eXPlotacion turis-tica actual: Poca. estado de conserva-cion: Bueno deManda actual: alta ProMocion actual: Baja

    caPacidad turis-tica: Mucha Planta turistica circundante: res-turantes, Bares, coMercio, tiendas

    origen de los turistas: Mez-cla Pero Mayo-ria residentes nacional: 70% internacio-nal:30%

    accesiBilidad: Muy Buena autoMovil: si Bus PuBlico: si Metro: si taXi: si

  • Brave Description o LeyenDa: -se hacen conciertos De mayo y festivaLes De verano - Un tramo De 1.200 metros -acceso aL mar -varios chringUitos -hay DUchas/servicios