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Introduces Passa Bola. A brand from the Lurdes Mutola Foundation in Mozambique


  • 1. This is the first campaign where the Private sector and its customers playin the same team, together with theLurdes Mutola Foundation.Towards the same goal: Improving community sports in Mozambique. Passa Bola will improve the sports conditions by creating a partnership between companies and communities from which both will gain. Becomepartner of Passa Bola, Passa Bola will create footballs, football fields and other sports equipment for kids in Mozambique and they will love you for it.

2. Passa BolaSticker Ever considered increasing sales while at the same time improving sports conditions in Mozambique? That is whatPassa Bola sticker does for your business. It is a customer-loyalty programme that works.

  • How does it work?
  • We produce Passa Bola stickersyou can put on any of your consumer products. Each sticker costs 1.5% of the sales price of the product. Of that price:
  • 1% will return to your loyal customers
  • 0.5% will be invested in maintainance of the Passa Bola brand
  • Customers who buy your product will collect the Passa BolaStickers. When they have collected a certain number of stickers they will get a refund. This will motivate your customers to buy your product again and again andmake them both happy and loyal
  • Customers.

3. Passa BolaSticker Another example of how Passa Bola sticker will work: Lets say you have a product in various sizes: e.g. Washing powder in packages of 100 gr, 200gr and 500 gr. Or air time of 20 MTn, 50 MTn or 100 MTn. With Passa Bola sticker on the higher quantity products you give your customers an incentive to buy these products, rather than the smaller ones. Because your customers will want to collect the Passa Bola stickers to get the refund.The CONCEPT 4. Merchandising To pass the ball to kids all around Mozambique we need your contribution. Their conditions to play sports are weak. Passa Bola will improve these conditions by creating various sports equipment, from balls to field demarcations, co-branded with your companys name. Fields like the one illustrated here will appear all over the country, with your companys name on it.With Passa Bola everything is possible and in Mozambique everything is needed. 5. Are you interested in learning how Passa Bola can improve your marketing campaigns? Or how it can fit in your CSR strategy? Contact us via e-mail or by telephone: Fundao Lurdes MutolaT: 21487717 M: 843221810 M: 827004818 E:[email_address] WWW.PASSABOLA.ORG.MZ