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<ul><li> 1. CURTIS SCHOOLUPPER ELEMENTARY SCHOOLSTUDENT ASSEMBLY29 AUGUST 2012</li></ul> <p> 2. REFLECTIONS ON TEACHING, LEARNING, &amp; PARENTING (~45) GOALS FOR LEARNING &amp; DEVELOPMENT (~20) QUESTIONS &amp; ANSWERS (~20) 3. What does Greatness inTeaching Mean to You?How Could Teachers NurtureMore Effective SchoolLeaders?How Would You WelcomeStudent Teachers to theProfession?How Can We Invite the Voiceof Young Learners into theDesign of Their Learning?What Difficult Questionsabout Learning Must We AskOurselves? 4. What does greatparenting mean toyou? JM 5. How will you define thesuccess or happiness ofyour child as an adult? CM 6. What is the value ofdiversity in a schoolcommunity?SF 7. How would you likeyour childs education tobe different than yours?MS 8. Whats the differencebetween parentingand teaching?CT 9. &lt; FRONT OF ROOM &gt; 10. MINUTE BREAK 11. FORMER GOALS FOR LEARNING 12. TEACHERS DESCRIBE SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS ________________________________________________________________________________________________Compassionate CuriousKindCooperativeEmpatheticResilientCourageous ExpressiveSelf-aware Creative FlexibleSelf-ReliantCritically thinkingHappy Tolerant 13. HOW WOULD YOUDESCRIBE A SUCCESSFUL STUDENT?_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Self-confident themselves Engaged in learning Risk-taker Independent thinker Compassionate CuriousCreative Life-long learnerOpen-minded ChallengingSelf-motivated 14. STUDENTSDESCRIBE SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS________________________________________________________________________________________________ IntelligentBalancedHumble CreativeFlexible Modest KindInspiringHonest Open-minded EnthusiasticCooperative Curious OptimisticDetermined 15. MINUTE BREAK</p>