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<ul><li><p>8/13/2019 Paramount Theater Facebook Posts</p><p> 1/5</p><p>Ariella Vance</p><p>Paramount Facebook Posts</p><p>1. 9/19 - Terms and Conditions May Apply:Do you ever really read all the Terms and Conditionsbefore clicking I Accepton</p><p>anything? What happens to all the information you share? Who gets to see it? Dont missthe riveting documentary Terms and Conditions May Applyfollowed by a Q &amp; A with</p><p>the director, Cullen Hoback on September 19th</p><p>.</p><p>;id=35641</p><p>2. 9/20 - Stephen LynchQuirky, raunchy, &amp; a little bit special, you wont want to miss comedic singer Stephen</p><p>Lynch when he takes the stage at the Paramount on Septemeber 20th</p><p>! We promise youllleave happily offended.</p><p>;id=35621</p>;id=35641;id=35641;id=35621;id=35621;id=35621;id=35641</li><li><p>8/13/2019 Paramount Theater Facebook Posts</p><p> 2/5</p><p>Ariella Vance</p><p>3. 9/26 - Russell BrandSee another side of comedian Russell Brand as he continues his Messiah ComplexWorld Tour dissecting various social &amp; religious figures &amp; the reality of their lives</p><p>through comparisons of each other on September 26th</p><p>at the Paramount. As Brand himself</p><p>says, it will, causebother and excitement, offering opinions that have not been eithersolicited or thought through. You definitely dont want to miss this show!</p><p>;id=35201</p>;id=35201;id=35201;id=35201</li><li><p>8/13/2019 Paramount Theater Facebook Posts</p><p> 3/5</p><p>Ariella Vance</p><p>4. 9/26 - Sam BakerBeautiful and genuine are just some of the words that describe the positivity that Austin-bred singer Sam Baker exudes and the experience of seeing him live represents. Join</p><p>Paramount Theater as he takes the stage on September 26th</p><p>for an unforgettable</p><p>performance. His newest album,say grace, will be released at the show.</p><p>;id=35802</p>;id=35802;id=35802;id=35802</li><li><p>8/13/2019 Paramount Theater Facebook Posts</p><p> 4/5</p><p>Ariella Vance</p><p>5. 9/27 - Aimee MannCome enjoy the musical styling of Aimee Mann as she channels her inner Cars, Blondie,and Split Enz in her new album Charmerat The Paramount on September 27</p><p>th. Get</p><p>transported right back into the 70s with her blend ofelectric guitars and synths!</p><p>Righteous!</p><p>;id=35181</p>;id=35181;id=35181;id=35181</li><li><p>8/13/2019 Paramount Theater Facebook Posts</p><p> 5/5</p><p>Ariella Vance</p><p>6. 9/28 - Anjelah JohnsonBon Qui Qui is coming back to Austin?? Yes, its true! Theres no excuse to missAnjelah Johnson perform as she takes to the stage THREE separate times on September</p><p>28th</p><p>at The Paramount! Unless you want her to CUT YOU, of course.this can be</p><p>replaced by:-See all three! BUT DONT GET CRAZY.-SECURITY!!! You need to go!</p><p>;id=35101</p>;id=35101;id=35101;id=35101</li></ul>


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