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  • 1. Ozone Depletion By Clarisse, Suleyman and Suzy

2. Table of Content

  • Defining Ozone Depletion
  • The Worst Effected Region
  • Main Causes
  • Why and How Ozone Depletion Happens
  • Consequences
  • Few Diagrams Explaining the Consequences
  • Suggested Solutions

3. Defining Ozone Depletion

  • Ozone Layer:
  • -protects the earth from ultraviolet rays
  • part of the earths atmosphere
  • contains high concentration of Ozone (O3)
  • concentration of O3 is small
  • important to life

Ozone Depletion: - large hole in the protection of the earth (ozone) - observed loss of ozone (over 50 years) - mainly above the northern and southern poles - more ultraviolet rays hitting/affecting earth - Man made substances 4. The Worst Hit Due to Ozone Depletion

  • Where?
  • Antarctica (worst hit).
  • What?
  • Ozone layers have dropped to 33% since 1975
  • Over 50% is destroyed
  • Great shock
  • Why/How?
  • Polar regions have larger variation in sunlight
  • Extremely low temperatures and Antarctic conditions
  • Cloud formation cause crystals
  • Crystals cause many reactions to occur

5. Main Causes

  • What?
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Sulphur put into the atmosphere
  • Stratospheric clouds together with Chlorine, Bromine and nitrogen oxides
  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

Stratospheric clouds 6. Why?How?

  • Cosmic Rays:
  • Different types of rays
  • Rays react differently towards ozone
  • Not guaranteed as the cause
  • Sulphur:
  • Scientist still testing
  • Might not be the cause
  • Stratospheric Clouds:
  • Part of ozone layer
  • Support chemical reactions such as chlorine
  • Chlorine is a catalyst for ozone depletion
  • Stops the nitric acid from forming the cloud
  • Chlorofluorocarbons:
  • Compounds of chlorine, carbon and fluorine
  • Used as propellants
  • Unreactive
  • Remain in atmosphere for long time

7. Consequences Leading to Health Concerns

  • 10% loss in ozone, becomes 26% increase in skin cancer e.g. malignant melanoma- (skin cancer) e.g.2 Basal and Squamous Cell Carcinomas (skin cancer)
  • Reduces resistance to disease
  • Reduction in food products- damage plant tissues + destroys crops
  • Increase in eye disorders + cataracts
  • Decrease in plankton

8. A diagram of how ozone depletion affects the rest of our world. 9. Important Solutions to Minimize Ozone Depletion

  • Suggestions:
  • Use less chemicals, phase out pollution
  • Work together to reduce rate of depletion
  • Add ozone to stratosphere
  • Destroy CFCs

10. 11.