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Personalized photo books like never before Helping you keep memories alive in a creative way!

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  • Personalized photo books like never beforeHelping you keep memories alive in a creative way!


  • Whats it that we do??Capture your memories like never before through photo books Photo books will be a slice of your life

    with words that you relate your memories with, with photos that are dear to your heartAll this will be beautifully made into an album that you cannot hold in your hand without a smile on your face!


  • What books can I get? Anything you want to! But ya, here are some ideas:

    Love travelling? Make a lovely Holiday photo book that takes you to back there every time you see it Adore your kid? Capture all the little charms into an album Cherish the pitter patter for a lifetime Wanna gift something different to your loved one? Grab all your feelings, pack them and wrap it into our photo album


  • Sounds good, how do I get it?Log on to our website www.oysmem.comRegister and get started on this exciting journey of creating your photo bookChoose the book you wanna make Upload your pics to our toolPlay around with the variety of designs & phrases we have made Think of words you wanna say

    Hey hey, does that mean I gotta write it all myself??No No No Were gonna be there with you throughout!

  • How are you gonna help me?

    We kinda know what you might wanna say . So,

    You can choose from the creative lines that we have written for you in the tool ORYou can opt to take suggestions from our creative team ORYou can completely choose to give the task of creating your photo book to us. Well speak to you, know what you really want from the photo book and make it for you!

  • Once Im done making it, whats next?Make the payment, its simple and secure with usWell then review your book so that there aren't any errors before we go for printAnd for those books created completely by us well send you the cleaned up version for approvalOnce you say I like it, youll be just 5 days away from holding this album in your hands

    So get started, now! Log on to www.oysmem.com or write to [email protected]