overview project schedule competition technology report construction progress future work conclusion

Download Overview Project Schedule Competition Technology Report Construction Progress Future Work Conclusion

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SAE Aero East 2015

Project Advisor Dr. Drew Landman

Team MembersAndrew TonkovicChris ThurmanGreg ShivelyKevin RhamyLucas Mills

Mason HunterkochMichael LaruskaRyan LaporteSara MendelsohnWilliam FisherTeam LeaderJeremy NewmanSAE Aero East 2015OverviewProject ScheduleCompetition Technology ReportConstruction ProgressFuture WorkConclusionProject Schedule

Competition Technology Reporthttp://dasp.mem.odu.edu:8080/~aero_sp15/TechReport.pdf

Competition Technology Report

Competition Technology Report

Von-Mises Stress of 1.43 ksi Maximum vertical displacement of 0.017 inches

Competition Technology Report 10 lbf applied to the front of the mount for a range of frequencies Test flights show that vibrations induced by the motor did not excite natural frequencies of the motor mountTruss FuselageWingMotor MountTail Section

Construction ProgressConstruction Progress

Construction Progress

Construction ProgressNose coneGussets and ply sections for the fuselage Tail section/fuselage integrationWing/fuselage integrationMain Wheel FabricationMonokoteFuture WorkFuture Work

1/8th inch Ply SectionsGusset SectionsQuestions?


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