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<ol><li> 1. Microsoft Center of Excellence </li><li> 2. 2014 GalaxE.Solutions Strictly Private, Proprietary &amp; Confidential Our Company Profile 1500professionals + TECHNOLOGY strategy | design | development | implement Enabling agilebusiness process transformational technology solutions &amp; FINANCIAL E-COMMERCE RETAIL HEALTHCARE PBMs MANUFACTURING 25 11 </li><li> 3. 2014 GalaxE.Solutions Strictly Private, Proprietary &amp; Confidential Our Past Driving Technology Transformation within Tech Galaxy Systems Founded 1990 GalaxE.Solutions Founded GalaxE.Solutions India opens offices GalaxE.Healthcare Solutions established Open Detroit, MI Solutions Center Open offices in UK &amp; China GalaxE grows to over 2000 Employees GalaxE CEO meets with President Obama, recognized for job growth 1993 2000 2003 2004 2005 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 GalaxE.Solutions begins providing IT Solutions Achieve ISO 9001 Certification Top 5 Pharma adoptsGalaxE Best Practices GalaxE opens operationsin Singapore Achieve ISO 27001 Security Certification </li><li> 4. 2014 GalaxE.Solutions Strictly Private, Proprietary &amp; Confidential Our Customers </li><li> 5. 2014 GalaxE.Solutions Strictly Private, Proprietary &amp; Confidential Our Detroit Center of Excellence GalaxEs Centers of Excellence (CoEs), represent an orchestra of industry, operational and/or technical subject matter experts within a geographic or virtual think-tank environment. The CoE structure enables innovation and knowledge sharing among individuals with deep subject matter expertise to create new and innovative approaches that address current or future client and/or industry needs. Our Detroit CoE represents a physical state of the art facility that increases productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in executing all phases of the SDLC. GalaxE deploys robust physical and logical security over each of our facilities and networks. This highly secure facility can be client specific to maintain confidentiality and maintain the proprietary integrity of deliverables. Recognized on a national and global level, our Detroit Delivery Center, represents an example where clients can leverage cost effective models for development and/or outsourcing relationships. What We Do Here GalaxE Detroit President Obama with Tim Bryan, CEO of GalaxE The Outsource to Detroit campaign, which has brought many IT and consulting services jobs to Detroit and the United States was recognized by President Barack Obama during the White House Insourcing Forum for January 2012. </li><li> 6. 2014 GalaxE.Solutions Strictly Private, Proprietary &amp; Confidential Our Team We Have an Awesome TeamMeet a Few! The fast paced energetic tech hub of Detroit has formed a unique camaraderie that I'm proud to be a part of. Rapid growth at GalaxE has enabled opportunities for employees to work on what you do best, from business development to functional programming. You will undoubtedly gain priceless experience and life-long relationships that unequivocally advance your career. Matt Hawkins, Technical Lead Mark Koesel, Lead Technical Architect "I'm proud to be involved in the incredible tech revolution happening right now in the city of Detroit. GalaxE offers the opportunity to join a focused team of professionals who help make an impact while you take comfort in the fact that you are backed by the stewardship of a leading IT services consultancy. Our team thrives on new challenges and we jump at the chance to exercise our specialized skills to engineer innovative solutions to a wide range of pressing business problems." LeQuin Lee, Technical Lead "The talent and culture at GalaxE are really motivating. People at all levels help each other to achieve the goal that is set in front of us. Every day offers a new learning experience." </li><li> 7. 2014 GalaxE.Solutions Strictly Private, Proprietary &amp; Confidential Our Neighborhood Located in the heart of downtown Detroit We dont just watch the city from above, were a part of it. GalaxE Offices After 5 Event Summer Event at B-Dubs. Our Neighborhood </li><li> 8. 2014 GalaxE.Solutions Strictly Private, Proprietary &amp; Confidential Chelsea Clinton, Mary Barra, Tim Bryan Our Initiatives Outsource to Detroit Tim Bryan meets President Obama Love, Detroit! Experience IT Detroit Leaders and Warren Buffett </li><li> 9. 2014 GalaxE.Solutions Strictly Private, Proprietary &amp; Confidential Our Community Involvement We Put Our Expertise to Work for the Community And More! These are just a couple of our initiatives. Were constantly looking for opportunities to get involved and put Detroiters to work in tech. GalaxE helped found ExperienceIT back in 2012, along with four other downtown Detroit companies. Since its conception, we have taken on two more, strategic partnering companies and trained over 100 local aspiring tech professionals, resulting in an 82% employment rate for 2014! Experience IT From Outsource to Detroit to Operation Good Jobs, and everything in between, GalaxE has partnered with Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit to give back to the community and put Detroiters back to work. In 2014, GalaxE CEO, Tim Bryan, was recognized by Goodwill for their Lifetime Achievement Award. Goodwill Industries </li><li> 10. 2014 GalaxE.Solutions Strictly Private, Proprietary &amp; Confidential Why GalaxE?? You Have Options, We Have Opportunity Career growth GalaxE is an established company with a startup environment. Here, youre not just a body; youre a strategic member of a core team of technologists. Your work is high- profile and as we continue to build this COE, the opportunities for those that join are endless. Innovative projects Are you the type that bores easily? At GalaxE, you wont just sit behind a desk cracking out the same code over and over. Working at a solutions company means that you will work across numerous clients, teams and projects. Your job at GalaxE is to constantly innovate. Team environment We want people people. Our success hinges on collaboration. Your ideas are not only important, but required. We cant wait to see what you have to offer! Dynamic culture At GalaxE, not only will you be part of a fun environment, you get to help create it! As we continue to grow, your input is instrumental in creating and maintaining an environment where people want to work. Were not Google, but we are pretty awesome at foosball and ping pong. EpEx program Our HR team has established the GalaxE EpEx program. Your employee experience is imperative to our growth, and we want you to have a good one. From great benefits (health/dental/vision/401k match/PTO/training reimbursement/etc.) to employee events, weve got a lot to offer. </li></ol>