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Small to medium companies are the backbone of the UK's economy, with optimism that we are steadily coming out of recession firms highlight that skill-gaps are holding them back. Outsourcing expertise is one way to tackle this. This infographic looks at the skill-gap and outsourcing trends of SMBs in 2014.


<ul><li> 1. small MEDIUM27 % 21% 15%sales &amp;marketingskillsIT leadership35% 12%62.5%Outsourcingbenefitsmicro0-9employees10-49employees</li></ul> <p> 2. Small to Medium sized Businesses:0-9 employees Micro10-49 employees Small50-249 employees mediumSMBs account for 99.9% of private sector firms in the UKThe south east &amp; greater London account for 1/3 of the UKs SMBsSMB attitudes and skill gapsAn all-time high62.5% report they want to grow in 201461% highlight a gap in skills amongst their employeesReported gaps are in:27% Sales &amp; Marketing skills21% IT15% leadershipPreventing investment in skill:38% budget35% time pressures12% concerned investing in staff who may then leavePotential skill gap could::44% damage future growth potential39% inhibit their competitive edge37% make them less profitable24% stifle innovationSMB Outsourcing trends68% currently outsource some business activitiesTop 5 outsourced functions year-on-year comparison2013:1.IT 32%2. Training 23%3. Legal 22%4. Design 16%5. Finance 15%2014:1. IT 23%2. Marketing (inc event management) 23%3. Sales &amp; customer service 18%4.Distribution network 13%5. Finance 10%Outsourcing benefits:68% Save time &amp; money66% Concentrate on their core business48% Improved efficiency </p>


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