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Volume 5, Edition 2


  • The Perfect Seasonto Plan a Trip to

    Southern UtahSt. GeorgeConvention andTourism Office

    Red RockGolf Trail -Soak up sometime in golfer'sparadise duringS o u t h e r nUtah's peak golfseason. Betweenthe area's chal-lenging coursesand affordablegreen fees, St.George is worththe four-hourdrive from Salt Lake City or 90-minute drive from Las

    Vegas. Book your golf package with Red Rock Golf Trail, whichincludes five premier courses within a 20-mile radius-Sunbrook,Sand Hollow, Coral Canyon, The Ledges, and Sky Mountain. Geta free package quick-quote at www.redrockgolftrail.com.

    Zion Country Action Tours - Immerse yourself in SouthernUtah's temperate fall climate, red rock scenery, and stunningmountain geography with Zion Country Action Tours, whereexperienced professionals prepare you for adventures in skydiv-ing, mountain biking, canyoneering, horseback riding, or by jeepor ATV that are off the main tourist routes. You'll work directlywith small and personable companies-outfitters who love whatthey do and give each person one-on-one attention to provide aunique and rewarding adventure.www.zioncoun-t r y a c t i o n -tours.com

    Zion NationalPark - Enjoynature's bril-liant display ofharvest-tonedleaves along thehiking trails ofZion NationalPark. Be sureto stop by sce-nic routes suchas the Riverside Walk, which showcases the brushstrokes of theseason along a paved, family-friendly trail, or the Hidden Canyonpath, where rainbow hues transform with your elevation. With theshuttle transportation system on hold through the winter months,there's also more freedom to roam through the park on your ownschedulejust don't forget your camera! www.nps.gov/zion

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    Sky Mountain Golf

    Bikers in Zion Natl Park

  • Outdoor AdventureVolume 5, 2nd Edition

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    Tuacahn Christmas in theCanyon - Ignite your holidayspirit at Tuacahn's impressiveoutdoor amphitheater deckedin full holiday attire. EachWednesday through Saturdayevening from Nov. 26 throughDec. 23, Tuacahn lights up thenight with children's trainrides, live nativity perform-ances at 7:00 and 8:00 p.m.,and a visit from Santa Claus.Sip hot chocolate next to atoasty outdoor fire while lis-tening to merry holiday tunes.As an additional holidaytreat, purchase tickets to festive concerts featuring NathanOsmond and Noteworthy on Dec. 3, "Now that's Christmas"musical benefit Dec. 15-17, and Kurt Bestor on Dec. 22.www.tuacahn.org

    Jubilee of Trees - If you're visiting Southern Utah between Nov.18-22, add the Festival of Trees to your itinerary. Held at the DixieCenter, the Festival of Trees is the largest showcase of custom-designed Christmas trees between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas,and includes a lineup of spectacular full-size trees to mini andtabletop trees, holiday wreaths, and gingerbread houses. Thisyear's event will be dedicated toward building Dixie Regional'sbreast care programs. www.jubileeoftrees.org

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    GOLFING PARADISETom what is going on, hefinally is able to tell me thatmy ball came to rest about sixfeet from the flag.Fortunately for me, luck oftenmakes up for my lack of skill.

    It=s February, and I=mon one of my many escapes toSt. George for a week-end ofmarathon golf with three ofmy regular companions. Westarted on Friday morninghigh up on the first tee atCoral Canyon that looks overa gorgeous panorama. Thebeauty of the course makes ithard for me to worry about

    the rust on my golf game. In the afternoon we played nine holesat Dixie Red Hills. Today we start at Green Springs and thenplay a second eighteen at Sky Mountain. Sunday we finish offwith 27 holes at Sunbrook.

    The variety and quality of golf courses in the St. Georgearea make it a golfer=s paradise. With more than 10 courses tochoose from, I can play different courses nearly every trip Imake. For golfers like me that live where winter usually chas-es me off the course in November, St. George allows me toenjoy golf year-round. While the winter golf in Dixie feeds myneed, spring and fall on the courses in St. George are myfavorites times. The weather is close to perfect and tee timesare easier to schedule. If you make the trip, regardless of thecourses you play you won=t be disappointed.

    by Rob Jeffs=ve been standing overmy ball for what feelslike ten minutes, but is

    probably closer to two. I=veswitched clubs three times andtaken at least seven practiceswings. Tom my golfing partnerand part-time psychologist,finally has had enough andshouts AJust hit the ball, you=llprobably just hit it into thegorge!@. I=ve just hit a reason-ably good drive on Hole 6 atGreensprings Golf Course in St.George. I have 190 yards left toa the green on the most difficulthole on the course. Unfortunately 185 yards of that 190 yards isall carry over a magnificent gorge that looks at least 100 feet deep.Of the approximately 25 times I=ve played the course I have yet tomake par on this hole. To make matters worse this is the final holeon the first leg of our bet today, Tom and I are down one hole andTom has already hit one ball into the gorge.

    I finally pull the trigger on the shot, a low line drive thatheads right for the bridge that spans the gorge. Miraculously it hitsthe rail on the bridge, flying high into the air. I lose track of theball and a wave of disappointment washes over me as I walk backto the cart to reload resigning myself to another double bogey. Iam startled to hear Tom erupt in laughter. At first I assume he islaughing because I have fulfilled his prophecy until Mike, one ofour opponents tells me he thinks he is going to throw up. I ask


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    Features include ATV and snowmobile trails,camping, fishing, hiking, cross-country skiing andmountain bike riding. At an altitude of 8400 feet,strewn with scenic lakes and waterfalls, DuckCreek has it all! Step away from the city and relaxamidst the pine trees.

    Conveniently located on Highway 14, DuckCreek is easily accessible from the west by way ofInterstate 15 from Cedar City, or from the east byway of Scenic Highway 89.

    Duck Creek has a variety of lodging optionsfrom modestly priced cottages and cabins toextravagant mountain homes.

    The fall colors are incredible in Duck Creek,and winter offers pristine beauty and some of thegreatest snow in the world.

    Snowmobile trails have been voted among thebest in the United States by a host of nationallyrecognized snowmobiling magazines.Snowmobiles are available for rent in Duck Creek

    Village.The Dixie

    National Forest sur-rounds the villageand offers visitors anumber of recre-ational opportunities.The Dixie NationalForest ATV Trail sys-tem is regarded asone of the best in thewest; maps provide alist of trails that areclearly marked withcolor-coded signscorresponding to themap. ATV's are avail-able for rent. Stopinto the DixieNational ForestService visitor centerlocated at the edge ofDuck Creek Villageor make plans in advance by calling 435-865-3200.

    Navajo Lake is located four miles from the village and offers cabins on the lake.Boating is a popular activity; bring your own raft or canoe, or rent a small motorboatnear the lake. You won't find a better spot for sunsets in the western United States!

    For more information on Duck Creek go to www.duckcreekvillage.com

    Duck Creek Village offers year-round activitiesto satisfy the needs of every outdoor enthusiast!

  • sledding, wildlife safaris, and so muchmore.

    Winter is a remarkable time of theyear to experience Grand Teton NationalPark, Jackson Hole, and the surroundingnational forests. A diverse offering oftours, lodges, and resorts cater to yourdesire for fun, adventure, and unforget-table experiences.

    Yellowstone National Park's beautyand wildlife can be seen in the winter,too! Snowcoach tours offer a warmer,more social and relaxing alternative tosnowmobiling for you and your group.Snowcoach tours also offer guided inter-pretations of the wildlife, history, andgeological features of the world's firstnational park.

    Travel off of the beaten path andexperience the beauty and serenity ofnature by snowshoeing. Professionalguides and equipment providers areavailable to serve your desire to explorethe mountains in winter.

    The Jackson Hole area also providesample opportunities to ice skate. Facilities and organizationsare available to strap on skates for first-time learning to organ-ized competitions.

    Dog sled tours provide a unique and enjoyable way toexplore the backcountry surrounding Jackson Hole. Full andpart-day tours are available including some that allow you tolearn to mush your own sled!

    Enjoy the magic of horse-drawn sleigh rides through awinter wonderland! Beautiful, breathtaking scenery andwildlife viewing during half-hour to one-hour rides are offered,as well as combinations with dinner and entertainment. TheNational Elk Refuge is a popular visitor destination as you will

    Plan your Winter Escape toJackson Hole, Wyoming

    Winter in Jackson Hole offers a wide variety of available activities. Known forits three outstanding local ski areas, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Grand TargheeResort and Snow King Resort, the valley also enables visitors to enjoy many off-slopeoptions such as snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, dog

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  • have the opportunity t


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