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The Trendbook | HALL OF VISION | July 15 - 18, 2015


  • M E S S E F R I E D R I C H S H A F E N

    15 - 18 JULY 2015


  • 2The Hall of Vision presents a fascinating view of the future in 2016. More than one aspect is brought into focus. The three themes to watch are: Sustainability, Authenticity, Innovation.

    SustainabilityOutdoor is sensitised and gives focus to sustainability. Brands understand the importance of treating nature with greater respect. Only nature gives us what we can no longer find in our daily lives: Adventure. Energy. Balance. Brands today produce in a sustainable manner, consider the whole production chain from the fibre through to the textile. Recycling old materials is essential to rid the environment of ballast.

    AuthenticityA growing need, originating with young people. The coming generation asks questions, wants answers: What endures in our fast paced digital world? What does the future look like? Where will the journey take us and what role do I play in it? A faint longing for values, a yearning for constancy, a wistful glance back at tradition all this is reflected in the collections, colours, brand statements.



  • 3InnovationTechnologies are the soul of outdoor products. Nowhere else do we need more performance based on fibres, fabrics, materials. A sea of innovations, and always there are new ones. Outdoor will continue to grow, albeit in a different direction. Ecological innovations are required. Not everyone needs everything. We need appropriate finishes suited for the urban lifestyle and the 8,000m peak in the Himalayas. Responsible stewardship of chemicals is the new tagline. A real challenge a wide scope for new innovations, the first of which are introduced at the OutDoor.

    The Trend ShowDaily at 11:00, 14:00 and 16:00 (Friday, 17 July at 16:30), the Trend Show reveals where the journey will take us in 2016. Taking part in the Trend Show: Kailas, Marmot, RedFox, Schffel, Shimano, VAUDE.

    The Trend WindowsScenically staged to perfection, the four Trend Windows City Life & Travel, Hiking & Trekking, Mountaineering & Climbing and Trail Running & Biking take us into the different worlds of outdoor culture. Each of the Trend Windows offers visitors inspiration, food for thought and trend information.

    The TrendbookThis booklet gives insight into the trends of 2016: Colours, themes, brands and materials. Opinions shared by international retailers and statements by bloggers and opinion leaders round off the information content.

  • 4Designer Nora Khner is a seasoned profes sio n al working in the sports industry. A member of the IDEAS Active Sports Design Network for many years, she produces seasonal trend and colour forecasts that give product developers for international sports labels valuable inspira

    tion for their collections. At the OutDoor she will present the colours and trends for outdoor clothing/summer 2017 in a talk at the Conference Centre East, Berlin/ Paris Room, on Thursday, 16 July 2015 at 13:00.

    Many of the collections introduced at the OutDoor are based on the IDEAS Colour Card for summer 2016. Its tagline, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, was inspired by the universal exhibition Expo Milano 2015, where the question was raised, Where do we draw the energy from for our increasingly fastpaced dig it al life?

    Nora Khner used this inspiration and applied it to her work. Her aim is not to present clearly documented facts. Colour cards require highly creative and intuitive work. The social zeitgeist plays into it as do thoughts that occupy our minds, technological developments and their effects on our life. It all sounds rather abstract in places, hard to follow. But then you hold the colour cards in your hands and see how tex



  • 5tiles, backpacks and shoes at the trade fair match in colour and are surprisingly new, and suddenly it all makes sense.

    Her work requires Nora Khner to follow closely the tendencies in our society to recollect and return to what once was, noting that traditional values are high on the agenda again. People ask, what matters to me? what do I believe in? Traditional values stand opposite fastpaced activity, sustainability contrasts consumerism. Natural balance is needed. But recollection does not mean nostalgia for days gone by. What we need, rather, is an appropriate translation of our recollections into the modern world. Not retrospective and vintage; what we lack is a sensible balance between the conflicting priorities in our lives. Nature plays a crucial role here. It is where we recharge our batteries, boost our emotional strength and energy, find peace, the trend expert confirms.

    As Nora Khner says, no one can, or wants to, turn back time, even if todays world moves at an ever faster pace and the balancing act between digital age and inner stability becomes more difficult. To be fair, we enjoy the modern comforts of our day and age that

    make our lives so much easier. We live in a season fraught with tensions, searching for balance between moving forward and returning to old values. Its not about a vintage move ment, but rather, taking what is impor tant to us as humans and giving it a modern interpretation.

    In her opinion, so the designer, people lack visions of the future. How will the digital world develop? What will our Planet Earth look like tomorrow? What will endure? We are faced with quite a problem, for sure, Khner states, how will we solve it? While we are making technological quantum leaps, we must start to protect our planet from ourselves.

    Nora Khner, Designer

  • 6Energy for LifeThe colour mood is active, vital and dynamic. Colours sound like keywords. Deep red tones represent vibrant vitality. Warm and earthy nuances like burgundy and salmon softly resonate with the vibrating intensity of a bright red. Navy blue, soft lilac and pale mint add accents. They underline the vital energy of these striking summer colours.

    Double RealityContrasts as we see them in real life: Abun dance versus shortage. Flooding versus dry, arid land. Deep, saturated colours seem to mirror our blue planet in vibrancy. The warming yellow of the sun sets itself against the earthy brown and green fresh ness. They are joined by refreshing turquoise tones.

    Acid BluenessThe complex science supports us in the development of radical and new ideas. The laboratory of acid blue tones symbol ises endless possibilities. This colour palette is defined by shades of blue. They stand for clarity, precision and purity. Accents are added by pale colours such as lemon, their hint of acidity making the colours appear somewhat surreal.

    .... mirrors the new awareness of nature that is growing in us. The colours are inspired by nature. Tradition stands next to modernity. Typical outdoor colours catch the eye, such as deep burgundy, traditional dark blue, rich green. The trend is moving away from colour blocking to a focus on new harmonies. The aim was to create colour spaces, combinations that range within individual colour families.


  • 7Fragile FusionsFleeting beauty enters the picture. Recollection. Moments, as if frozen in time. Holding on and losing again. Nostalgia brings scraps of the past to mind and for a moment overrides modern knowledge. This colour scheme is slightly matted. Cool lime stands next to creamy mint and bluish mist. Contrasts are created with dark berries, plum and pale ochre.

    TastyThese colours stimulate the senses like a menu of aromas, scents and a plethora of textures. This colour range is based on opulent green tones, reflections of nature. Enriched with nuances of deep red to sweet pink. The colours tell the story of natural diversity in nature, such as we come across on our outdoor expeditions.

  • 8Jeffrey Bowman EnglandPhotographer, creative director, orator, authorIncreasingly, there is the tendency to tell authentic stories. People share real outdoor and travel experiences. Its not just about the products. The new generation is inclined to seek out labels that communicate credible values. Sustainability will be increasingly important. A number of labels already promote this aspect. Thats great. The information we are given today makes it easier for us to decide on one or

    another product. We know what impact a product has on the environment. It is essential to understand how important longevity is in products. This matters today more than ever.I notice that labels are beginning to realise that outdoor enthusiasts want something that works just as well in the

    city, looks good and offers the same freedom and high performance you need in the mountains without sacrificing aes thetics and style. Some labels have internalised the ethos of The Outsiders and develop products that are in line with the new outdoor culture. This is more than just a passing trend. www.jeffrey-bowman.co.uk

    Hendrik Morkel FinlandFreelance journalist, blogger, photographer

    I expect the development over the last few years to con

    tinue.I would think that generally in the outdoor sector we will see more ecosensitive materials. Sustainable production is increasingly important. Labels today already have eco friendly textiles available to them that are not made from petroleum based fibres. More and more consumers want that. They are clued up about the various certifications and labels, and Im sure it wont be long before we see these standards enforced across the board.The trend towards light equipment will continue. Thanks to lightweight and hardwearing textiles manufacturers can offer robust products of little weight. I believe we will also see more multifunctional clothing suited for more than one type of sport. The consumer will need just this one