Our energy efficient roofing systems can reduce your energy bills

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  • 1. Our Energy Efficient Roofing Systems CanReduce Your Energy BillsA roof installed by Rainbow Roofing can really save you money on your energy bills. Our roofsare white in color, reflecting much more of the suns heat and ultraviolet rays.To calculate your estimated annual cooling savings, simply find your current Electricity Cost inthe chart below (this can be found on your electric bill). Next to that amount, you will see theEstimated Annual Cooling Savings, listed in Dollars Per Square Foot. Simply multiply theEstimated Annual Cooling Savings number by the number of square feet in your building. Theresulting number is the estimated dollar amount you can save each year by upgrading to aRainbow roof!

2. Example: Current Electricity Cost = $0.07 per kilowatt hourBuilding Size = 67,000 square feet.Estimated Annual Savings = 67,000 x 0.192 = $12,864.00Savings may vary based on location, thermostat comfort settings, building occupancy period,electric demand charges, insulation levels, and other factors.If you are looking for roofing contractors, Fort Lauderdale has a number to choose from but fewwho can match our service and expertise when it comes to energy efficient roofing. Call us todayfor an estimate.