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Veiling and unveiling is an ancient device of human imagination, or will of representation, not seldom applied to female beauty and not only by men but by women too. Here such an "iconema" is examined with reference to Orientalist artists and consequently to Near and Middle East, not excluded the so called Oriental Orientalists and their later critical followers.


<p>Pino Blasone</p> <p>Orientalism, Veiled and Unveiled</p> <p>1 Jean-Lon Grme, Woman of Constantinople and Veiled Circassian Lady (Gevherin Nedaxe Seteney, third wi e o the !ttoman S"ltan #$d%la&amp;i&amp; ' () A Few Literary Sources Sir James J"stinian *orier was a British di+lomat and traveller, Sin-e he was $orn in Smyrna.'&amp;mir, where his ather was -ons"l and /ast 'ndia 0om+any a1ent, he s+o2e well 3"r2ish and learnt some Persian too, 'n A Second Journey through Persia, Armenia, and Asia Minor, to Constantinople, between the ears !"!# and !"!$ (see the $i$lio1ra+hy $elow), he narrates a ni-e ane-dote a$o"t his ort"ito"s meetin1 with an /thio+ian e"n"-h, 1"ardian o an 'ranian harem, 3he +oor 1"y was dis-on-erted and somewhat +er+lexed, at hearin1 rom his interlo-"tor a$o"t the 4"ite ree li e o women in /"ro+e at those times, 5hen *o"rier showed him a small +orta$le +ortrait o his mother, the e"n"-h as2ed i her h"s$and was a +ainter, so rel"-tant he was to $elieve that an extraneo"s man mi1ht have1</p> <p>$een allowed to 1a&amp;e so lon1 and -on identially at her, in order to de+i-t her a-e "nveiled, 1 Grard de Nerval is the $etter 2nown +en-name o the 6ren-h +oet and traveller Grard La$r"nie, 73he 5omen o 0airo8 S-enes o Li e in the !rient9 is a se-tion o his Voyage en %rient, +"$lished in the :o"rnal &amp;e'ue des (eu) Mondes rom *ay 1;@-1EHlymma was the emale veil, Ier ma1i- a-"lty to veil and "nveil has +ro$a$ly somethin1 to do with the 1i t o immortality, re "sed $y a 7h"man, all too h"man9 hero Slysses, #nd the +re-So-rati+hiloso+her Iera-lit"s hermeti-ally wrote8 7Nat"re loves to hide9, 3his is also a se-ret o its1@</p> <p>+ower o sed"-tion, ori1inatin1 every +rod"-tion or re+rod"-tion on earth, 'n the Iellenisti/1y+t, the 1oddess 'sis was re+resented "lly veiled, as sym$oli- o a mysteri-al 2nowled1e, 'n-identally, a hint more a$o"t may rin1 o"t o the title o a minor !rientalisti- artwor28 the litho1ra+h /eaut? Cach?e@(ie Araberin, 7Iidden Bea"ty, or the #ra$ 5oman9 $y the German 0lemens von Pa"sin1er, dated 1E@;, 3here, we meet with the ima1e o a lady so wra++ed in her s-ar , that hardly she seems to eye o"t o the +i-t"re, Get this is eno"1h to let "s s"s+e-t o a not seldom hidden $ea"ty, whi-h we are "na$le or even a raid to dis-over, # ter -onsiderin1 the veil and the woman as s"$:e-ts, let "s o-"s on the $a-21ro"nd as a settin1 and a -ontext, #$ove we have seen it as the harem, mainly as a a$"lated in the #ra$ literary tradition o the *housand and %ne :ights, Bes+ite his a++arent realism, in the +aintin1s o Ttienne Binet it loo2s ideali&amp;ed li2e an in-ontaminate and Bionysian nat"re, a ter an old *editerranean mytholo1y and a modern Niet&amp;s-hean +hiloso+hy, 'n the +ers+e-tive o 6a"sto Ponaro, the "nveilin1 1est"re is -onne-ted with the s-enery o modernity, 'n the Sym$olism o !sman Iamdi, the re+resented "nveiled woman -ontrasts with a sa-red environment and an ani-oni- -"lt"re, 'n Jane 3li4abeth (igby al5Me4rab $y 0arl Iaa1, the 'slami&amp;ed lady stands o"t a1ainst a view o -lassi-al r"ins o the Syrian town o Palmyra, 3his -ontrast is $etween the "ll veiled i1"re and what the #ra$s -all =1hiliyya, that is the +a1an -ivili&amp;ation +er-eived as a time o 7i1noran-e9, Nonetheless, -learly that is re+resented in an em$lemati- way, not witho"t an /"ro+ean nostal1ia or s"-h a +ast,</p> <p>11</p> <p>? Persian Sa avid miniat"re, re+resentin1 an "nveilin1 $ea"ty who o ers drin2 or ood to a dervish (-a, 1=?@J Broo2lyn *"se"m, New Gor2)J and !sman Iamdi, Mihr1b (in $oth ima1es, a sym$oli- or mysti- val"e is more than +ro$a$le) Daughters o the Sea, Daughters o the !ountry 'n an online wee2ly s"++lement to the /1y+tian news+a+er Al5Ahram (1&gt;-HF *ay H@@&gt;, 'ss"e No, ;</p>