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Organization, Administration, and Improvement of Graduate Education. Daniel Denecke, Ph.D. Program Director, Best Practices and Publications The Council of Graduate Schools NAGS Annual Meeting April 10, 2008 The Council of Graduate Schools. Membership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Organization, Administration, and Improvement of Graduate EducationDaniel Denecke, Ph.D.Program Director, Best Practices and PublicationsThe Council of Graduate Schools

    NAGS Annual MeetingApril 10, 2008

  • The Council of Graduate SchoolsMembership500 institutions of higher education in the United States and Canada engaged in graduate education, research, and the preparation of candidates for advanced degrees. CGS members award 94% of the doctoral degrees and 80% of the masters degrees in the United States.Mission: to improve and advance graduate education throughAdvocacy,Research, andBest Practices.

  • CGS 2004 Publication

  • Ch. 1 The Role of the Graduate School in the UniversityArticulate a vision of excellence in scholarship and education Provide quality control for all aspects of graduate educationMaintain equitable standards across academic disciplinesDefine what graduate education is and what it is notBring an institution-wide perspective to all postbaccalaureate endeavors

  • Ch. 1 - The Role of the Graduate School in the University (cont.)Provide an interdisciplinary perspectiveEnhance the intellectual community of scholars Serve as an advocate for graduate educationEmphasize importance of preparing future scholarsDevelop ways to enhance undergraduate educationSupport graduate student servicesServe as an advocate for issues and constituencies critical to the success of graduate programs

  • Ch. 2 - Structural Elements of Graduate EducationFaculty units that supervise graduate study and recommend degrees: need not be departmentsChief Academic Officer responsible for graduate education: need not be a DeanDegree-granting unit: Graduate School or decentralizedThe Graduate Council, faculty governanceGraduate student representation

  • Ch. 3 Relationship to Research AdministrationSponsored research:Facilitator, liaison, guidelines and policies on RCR issues, grant and contract mgt., ensure compliance, and administer funds.Two models for research administration:(1) Combined duties (e.g. Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies)(2) Sole research duties (e.g. Vice President, Vice Chancellor, or Vice Provost for Research)

  • Ch. 4 A Compendium of Graduate School ActivitiesProgram ContentStudentsFacultyAdministrative SupportUniversity-Wide ActivitiesExternal RelationsResearch Administration

  • Chapter 5 Self-ReinventionBest PracticesEmerging Roles for the Graduate SchoolWhats Next

  • Best PracticesGraduate degree completionInclusiveness (pathways and pipelines)Professional developmentE.g. Professional Masters DegreesPreparing Future FacultyPreparing Future ProfessionalsResearch integrity Responsible Conduct of ResearchEthical DeliberationIntegration into the fabric of graduate education (intercultural, interactive, interdisciplinary)

  • Emerging Roles for the Graduate School in the University (1)Assess the role and responsibility of the graduate school in the education of post-doctoratesDefine the graduate schools position on professional doctoratesStrengthen graduate schools ties with the community and the publicSituate campus efforts in a national context

  • Emerging Roles for the Graduate School in the University (2)Ground discussions in empirical dataEnrollment management > completion management > alumni trackingExternal grants bring national visibility to campus efforts, can help garner support of senior administration (President, Chancellor), and can strengthen community.

  • Emerging Roles for the Graduate School in the University (3)Provide a Global ContextInternational StudentsInternational CompetitionEmployabilityResponsible Research and the Public Good

  • Whats Next?Graduate Education in 2020?Who (or what) will fund our institutions and our students in the future? How will new structures of funding impact research and graduate education?How might the political climate impact the relative weight of (sometimes competing) domestic pathways and international student mobility priorities?Can innovation be taught? Are our pedagogies of innovation being emulated?Are we preparing future scholars and professionals for a global research community?


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