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ETL Management Solution

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Orbit is an end-to-end data management solution for Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes where they can be defined, managed and monitored from a single point with a centralized approach.


  • 1. ETL Management Solution

2. What is Orbit?With a centralised approach, your processes can be defined, managed and monitored froma single pointOrbit is an END-TO-END management solutionfor your Extract-Transform-Load processesETLMANAGEMENTSOLUTION 3. Current Practice in Many Operators 4. What Orbit OffersCurrently, ETL operations in many operators are scattered, to say the leastOrbit offers a CENTRALISEDmechanism to run, manage andmonitor your ETL tasksIt is time to say goodbye to Crontab and otherthird-party scheduling toolsCENTRALISEDAPPROACH 5. What Orbit OffersPowerfull and efficient Multi-Instance Core Modules have been specificallyengineered to providehigh performanceThousands of Big files can be processed quickly with this structurePROCESSING POWER 6. What Orbit OffersSimple and fast Task definition provides quick integration period for new and existing processes.Sample Task configuration files could be used for fast setup.Diagram view to see linked task and procesesSIMPLICITY 7. What Orbit OffersAn instance consists of file transfer, parse and load tasks.They can be custom defined allowinga task to start right after anotheronefinishes.Queuing mechanism allows tasks to start at the right time with the correct input to process.QUEUING 8. Orbit ModulesFTP File TransferOrbit supports FTP, SFTP Dowload and UploadsWith advance module algorithm, it is possible to;Supports Binary and Ascii formatsSearch Sub folders, use multiple masks for file and foldersUncomress and compress downloaded filesConvert unix format to windows formatUse motinor file to eleminate prior downloadsBackup and Error folder structure for operationWith above and other features, all complex FTP tasks can be scheduled. 9. Orbit ModulesParsersOrbit Platform support all major Wireless Vendor formats. (Alcate-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, NSN, ZTE)GSM, UMTSand LTE technologies are supported.CM, PM, Measurement, Alarm and Event Files are supported.Some of the parsers :Huawei Parsers : CM, CME, PCHR (R16 supported), CONFMML, AIM, PM, TAN, SECURITY-OPERATION-SYSTEM LOGEricsson : CM, PM, GPEH, NCS, MRR, WNCS, SMO, HW, TRLOG, SGSN, MGW 10. Orbit ModulesOrbit Platform support Oracle and Sybase DatabaseOracle External Load and SQL loader supported.All reqired create, load and process sql scripts are prepared automatically by the Orbit for all parser outputs.External Table feature is the fastest method and Orbit load feature makes very easy to maintain Oracle database structure with column mapping, auto long column name change, duplicate column name fix features, etc.Loaders 11. Orbit ModulesOrbit provides several tools to complete all required ETL needs in Orbit. Some of them are;SQL command runSQL and PLSQL commands are supported. Users can run multiple command in one Task.File content check.It can check number of row, columns to find out file content is correctOther checks are Min file size, max file size, file creation date.File and Folder operationsDelete-Copy file and folder, compress, backup etc.Send Email with attachment, Export to Excel, Custom reports, Database comparison, etc.Process 12. ContactFor More [email protected] uswww.innovile.com