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  • 2004 - 20052004 - 20052004 - 20052004 - 20052004 - 2005 Keeping Ontario Beautiful




  • Ontario Horticultural AssociationDistrict Map

    District 1 - Dundas, Glengarry, Prescott, Russell, StormontDistrict 2 - Grenville, Lanark, Ottawa-Carlton, RenfrewDistrict 3 - Frontenac, Hastings, Leeds, Lennox & Adlington, Prince EdwardDistrict 4 - Haliburton, Northumberland, Peterborough, VictoriaDistrict 5 - York EastDistrict 6 - Brant, Halton, Norfolk, WentworthDistrict 7 - Dufferin, WellingtonDistrict 8 - Bruce, Grey, HurtonDistrict 9 - Haldimand, Niagara North (Lincoln), Niagara South (Welland)District 10 - Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford, PerthDistrict 11 - Essex, Kent, LambtonDistrict 12 - Cochrane, Timiskaming, NipissingDistrict 13 - Algoma, Manitoulin, SudburyDistrict 14 - Kenora, Rainy River, Thunder BayDistrict 15 - Toronto West, Peel, York West RegionDistrict 16 - SimcoeDistrict 17 - DurhamDistrict 18 - Parry Sound, MuskokaDistrict 19 - Waterloo

    Keeping Ontario Beautiful

















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  • OHA Executive - 2004/05Back row, left to right: Wilma Wood (Past President); Liisa Wolfgram (2nd VicePresident); Judy Lewis (1st Vice President); Kathleen Petrie (Chair, Past PresidentsCouncil). Front row, left to right: Bonnie Warner (Secretary); Ted Reed (President);and Sybille Schaufler (Treasurer).

    The Board of DirectorsThe Board of Directors of the Ontario Horticultural Association consists

    of the president, 1st vice president, 2nd vice president, immediate pastpresident, secretary, treasurer and 19 district directors.

    The board meets three times a year - in March, at the annual convention,and in October. At these meetings the board discusses the business side of theassociation, makes decisions regarding the dispensation of funds and passesmotions that are binding and in the best interests of all societies and theassociation as a whole. A quarterly newsletter keeps society members awareof board decisions as well as publishing general items of interest from societiesaround the province. It is edited by the secretary.

    All positions on the board are voluntary, with the exception of the secretaryand treasurer who are paid a small honorarium for their services.


  • My Journey As PresidentTed Reed

    January 2005 ... and counting.What a great and journey. Amongstthe snow flakes, Isla and I were invitedto the Pembroke Horticultural Societyand stayed at the Pilots bed andbreakfast. What a beautiful house andover 100 years in historic preservation.At the society meeting I gave a talk onBonsai and showed transparencies. Thefirst of many convention committeemeetings were held under the directionof Madeline Hobson, 1986 PastPresident, and Vickie Wiemer, District18 Director. Isla and I were off toCornwall for the AGM with Ann Kerr,District 1 Director where I spoke onthe need for a dues increase and thebenefits of Directors & Officersinsurance. The next week we took atrip to Elmira for District 19 Director,Mary Young. Off to Arthur in April togreet Don Matthews, Past Presidentand Marlene Bruckhardt, District 7Director. In Barrie, I was pleased toattend Dorothy Shropshires District 16Training for Society Officers andExecutives, a program coordinated byLiisa Wolfgram through the TrilliumGrant. Next a visit to Porcupine andDistrict 12s AGM with Director KeesStryland with super accommodationsprovided by Billie Rheault. In May, Islaand I were invited to District 14s AGMwith Harriet Hansen. Then came a tripto Listowel to attend Jeff Matthews

    Memorial funeral and providecondolences to Don and JoanneMatthews. While preparing for theconvention, we sold our house by thelake and have started building a homein Callander. To be completed in 2006,we have a rental home in Powassanwhere you can now phone us at 705-724-5007. The Presidents Receptionat the Chancellors House, NipissingUniversity enabled Isla and I to saythanks to all attending the convention.Thanks to Diane Kiers for obtainingwine donated by Jackson & Triggs; andto Brian McCartney of Law Insuranceand to Garth Hoag of the HamiltonLocal of the Operating Engineers fordonations. A big thanks to MadelineHobson and Vickie Wiemer whoworked so well with the 14 volunteersocieties in District 18 doing awonderful job on the convention.Thanks to Rheo Courchesne for thevolunteer spreadsheet that set forth atime pace of events for us to follow.The new Youth Delegate Program wasa huge success. My journey endedwhen I was pleased to pass along theChain of Office to the new President,Judy Lewis of Sault Ste. Marie. Thanksto Wilma Wood, Past President; and tomy wife Isla who provided a steadyhand, a warm hug and kept me on theright track. Well continue our newjourney in horticulture.


  • PresidentTed Reedplanting aCommemorativeTree at theentrance ofNipissingUniversityin North Bay.

  • Ronald E. Takalo, B. Math, CARonald F. Burt, B. Comm., CA

    40 The SquareGoderich, Ontario

    N7A 1M4Telephone (519) 524-2677

    FAX (519) 524-7886


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  • Childrens Section

    Winning EntryDianthe Van Werden

    Guelph Township

    2nd PlaceAmanda MigalleeGuelph Township

    3rd PlaceLaura NeroGuelph City

    The 2005 OHA conventionhad a wealth of imaginativeyouth competeting for the topprizes. Some of their talents aredepicted here with the winningentries in the Reflections ofOntario poster competition.

    The winning entry was byDianthe Van Werden of GuelphTownship. Second prize wentto Amanda Migallee of GuelphTownship and third prize wentto Laura Nero of Guelph City.

    Congratulations to theyouth leaders and all the youthexhibitors for a creative show.It is always a delight to walk intothe room devoted to childrensentries and this year was noexception. These talentedyoung horticulturalists provethat the art and science ofgrowing things is beingsuccessfully passed down fromone generation to the next.


  • Past President, Wilma Wood andDistrict 10 Director, Jim Mabee renewold acquaintences and a great bond thathas grown over the past five yearstogether on the OHA board.

    Along the waterfront in North Bay weremany beautiful gardens awaiting theover 500 delegates as part of theconvention tours or just to visit on ourown during your free time.

    Reflections of Ontario was the theme of the 99th Annual OHA Convention held atNipissing University in beautiful North Bay, Ontario on August 12, 13 and 14, 2005.


  • While site seeing around beautifulNorth Bay, we came across this specialgarden dedicated to the 99th AnnualOHA Convention.

    President, Ted Reed presents keynotespeaker, Bev Kingdon, the Swan Lady,with swan ice sculptures.

    OHA secretary, Bonnie Warner as shevery competently goes about her dutiesbehind the scenes.

    Convention hostess, Vickie Wiemer,director of District 18, welcomesdelegates to the 99th Annual OHAConvention in North Bay.

    President Ted Reed and Past PresidentWilma Wood plant a commemorativetree near the entrance of NipissingUniversity in North Bay as a lastingtribute to Teds year as president.

    The board of theOHA regretfullysays goodbye toour long-timetreasurer, SybilleSchaufler, andwish her well inher new ventures.


  • The Sunday morning plenary session saw the new executive board members presentedto the delegates. From left to right are Past President, Ted Reed; 2nd VP, Jim Mabee;1st VP, Liisa Wolfgram; and President, Judy Lewis.

    President Ted Reed receives a fewwords of wisdom from Immediate PastPresident Wilma Wood, better knownas Madam PP.

    Left, secretary, Bonnie Warner and PastPresidents Council representative,Kathleen Petrie showing their life-longfriendship made over the years.


  • Silver Fir Award winner, Jim Cruise,nominated by the Simcoe & DistrictHorticultural Society.

    Trillium Award winner, Margaret Killey,nominated by the ScarboroughHorticultural Society.

    Left, OHA Past President, PaulineRichards, was placed on the HonourRoll; centre, District 10 Director, JimMabee; right, Brenda Gallagher,Environmental Award winner. Bothladies were nominated by the LondonHorticultural Society.

    President, Ted Reed, presents the youthdelegates with tokens from the 99thOHA convention in North Bay as theyprepare to leave for the Ecology Centreafter the opening ceremonies on Friday.This was the first time that the youthdelegates had been invited to attend.


  • District OneDistrict Director - Anne Kerr

    This will be my last report asDirector for District One. It is hardto believe that I have completed fiveyears as your representative. I willremember the many wonderfulprojects the societies havecompleted -- the constant supportof community beautification, theemphasis on improving ourenvironment, and the supportprovided to our young gardeners.

    Cornwall Society continues towork with Domtar in fundraising andalso maintains flowerbeds throughoutthe city with special mention of the onesat their community hospitals. Thesebeds must be truly appreciated by thepatients, staff and visitors alike.Speakers covered a variety of topicsincluding Environmentally FriendlyPractices.

    Martintown has received manycompliments for the flower boxes onthe Bridge. These boxes are verybeautiful and also provide the neededvolunteer hours for the student whocares for them over the summer. Theyouth leader had projects at eachmeeting and then these items wereexhibited at the flower show. The

    speakers covered EnvironmentalIssues; How to Prepare for the F


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