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  • Discovery & Research

  • 1 on 1 interviews

    Pirating is just part of our society everybody does it

    If I have the chance to not spend money on something I dont have to, I obviously dont

    i dont feel like I steal anything, its not like going into the store and taking things

    I have never purchased a movie online, it just doesnt make sense to me

  • secondary research

  • Interacting in forums & comment sections

  • Insights

  • you can change the law. but not the habit.

    things will not change as long as there is free content available


  • Insights

    people are aware that what they are doing is wrong,

    BUT no fear of consequences + law not enforced strictly enough

  • Insights

    everybody has a different reason why they share, download, stream

  • Online Piracy is often complementing legal purchases


  • Insights

    people have opinions on why sharing should be legal

    (/is actually legal),how to improve availability

    ,other solutions to the problem

  • Insights

    Online piracy is not publicly discussed

  • IDEA


  • Features

    Confession page, to pick up #sincerelypirate and use on Twitter or leave anonymous confession

    Discussion page, to utter personal opinion and engage in existing discussions

    Projects page, featuring innovative approaches to offer alternatives to illegal downloading

    Articles page, displaying the most recent articles published related to the topic

    About page, explaining the concept of the project

  • Promotional Plan

  • Promotion

    1. Reach out to friends to get some traction, posts, features/image on blog

    2. Email websites, blogs like SF Bold Italic, Torrentfreak, HuffPost w/ call to action

    3. Retweet users that used #s related to the topic &/or talked about the topic

    4. Tweet to users/institutions that (might) be interested in the topic w/call to action

  • Content Strategy

  • Content Strategy

    personally created content to start: Tweets, discussion questions

    post articles about the topic from the last 30 days

    integrate projects related to media consumption and feature on website

    user created content: Tweets -> retweet, tweet anonymous posts, discussion participation

  • Traction so far

  • Website:

    268 viewes

    6 anonymous confessions

    0 discussion participation



    #Sincerelypirate: 1

  • Whats next?

    reach out to more people

    offline promotional event

    update project and article sections regularly

    tweet anonymous confessions

    retweet Twitter confessions

  • a project by

    Lennart Fleschhut

    ADV_462_Digital Strategy

    Fall 2014