On a fiery flight

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On a fiery flight


Thendral publishers Chennai 91, India masila123@gmail.com

On a fiery flight

A collection of Poem

masila 26th Sep 2012

To my wife viji

the best half


1. The Eleventh Commandment 2. Day of Judgment3. Lots and Lots4. Wing5. Live ye long man6. Under the shade of Allah7. A kuil's melody 8. Present Continuous9. Music of life10 Trump card11 A miracle of miracle12 What do I have not yet?12 I have thing to do13 Chandeliers 14 A Haste less hour15 Half and Half 16 Connoisseur 17 On a fiery flight

The Eleventh Commandment

The gaunt, grey figure of Moses Was lying reclined on a cushion Made of rugged rocks Below him stretched the Arid terrain of the Promised Land It was a land of sand dunes And boulders holding shades For tiny dots of timid shrubs

The White Specter of death Hovered around in faint steps

Moses came out of his reverie And combed his long beard With knurled fingers And looked around askance He raised his bushy brows As he saw the specter Who are you .?

I am, I am . Words got stuck in throat I am death, a lieutenant, the left hand of God A trusted, unfailing messenger

What is your mission.? Moses snorted I have, I have come I am afraid, to take your life..

A strong stone was flung In the face of death..

Fie on you, get lost, be gone How dare are you to take my life Do you know who I am I am Moses The Prophet who saw

God face to face The only one To whom god spoke and Delivered Ten Commandments To whom red sea laid red carpet Be gone, Be gone Dont you ever dare to Ring a gong of death As you wont to do to the rest Be gone..

The Angel of Death ran Helter skelter to God And blurted out

God whispered a few lines In the ears of the Angel

It hovered around Moses Again after a few years Be gone, I told you Never come back to me

I have come back With a special message from God As you are too dear to god He wants you to be with him close.

You mean God wants me To be with Him. Yes, you are right.. When do I meet Him? And how long I stay with Him For, I have to come back To guide my people I am ready to go with you even now Moses was about to Heave his heavy body up. God wants you permanently ... Said the Angel There was silence An ominous silence

Moses, the wise Knew the meaning and purport of Those four words Do you mean that I too must die Ye, any born must die. It is the law of nature Without a grain of exception. The Angle hastened to add Though God has given you A certain special privilege As you are too dear to him

The Angel ran in double and Dragged a hefty bison

Here is the full grown bull Strike your hand and Pluck the hair as much As your hand could seize You can live as many days As the count of hair strands.

It could be a few thousands days But then

Yes, you may die After a few thousands days Or a few scores of years But must you die Like any mortal.

There was long silence Well, then, if that is so I am ready to die even now.. I am tired of this life, tired With this stupid set of people

They do not change They still hunger after Gold, women, and cold wine Parading cows and calves as gods. I am losing hope

Then why did you want To live long.. Angel retorted I had a hope that I will be able to change them

I had a great hope of Taking them to lofty lives... Well nowI give up..

There was silence A long one For it took some time for the words To sink into the head and heart of Death They went deep down

Oh, great venerable Moses, Death was earnest You must die with hopes As much as you live with hopes.

There was a silence A long one, again The message went down the spine Percolating through the veins Moses smiled, a wry smile Is it a commandment? The eleventh one From the Angel of death

The old man chuckled Yes, I agree I will die with the hopes As much as I had lived with hopes..

Angel of death smiled And came towards him In soft steps Like a moist mountain cloud.

The Day of Judgment

There is only one Day of Judgment For everybody of Every hue and color Every religion, beliefs, and non beliefs That is the Day when

Hundreds and thousands Cry desolate In muffled hot wet towels

When, the heart skips its steps Breathe seizes, and chokes And a lava of heart air Blows out, surge upon surge.

When tens and dozens Vie with each other To carry the pall

When hundreds and thousands Stream past and scream fast When thousands and thousands mumble "He lived and died well, Exalting everyone"

This is the Verdict A pronouncement On this

Day of Judgment.

Present Continuous

There were two men in a coconut farm; One was on the top plucking coconuts from the tall tree, The other was on the ground gathering them into the basket.

My nephew is supposed to pass along us in his cart now; But he has not come yet the ground man was grumbling. No dont worry, he is coming the man on the tree top said

After a whale, the coconuts gatherer said. "Oh, yes, here is he After some more times, the nephew passed through the road

Oh, my nephew came and has gone the gatherer said.

No, no, dont worry, he is going.. But another


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