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By: Himanshu Parikh Sandhya Yadav Lavina Jain Neha Jain Hemant Sharma


Old age is an incurable disease-Seneca



What is an old age home? Statistics. Types of old age homes. Why do children send their parents in old age home? The problem of old age in India. Medical Problems Faced by the Elderly. Advantages of old age homes. Disadvantages of old age homes. Reasons for considering children as main support in old age. Reasons for not considering children as main support in old age. Rights of the Elderly.


What is an old age home?

A old age home or retirement home is a multi-residence housing facility intended for senior citizens. Typically each person or couple in the home has an apartment style room or suite rooms. Additional facilities are provided within the building, including facilities for meals, gathering, recreation, and some form of health or hospital care. A retirement home differs from a nursing home primarily in the level of medical care given. Retirement villages and retirement communities, unlike retirement homes, offer separate and autonomous homes for residents.


StatisticsPopulations, worldwide, are ageing. In India, while the total population is expected to rise by 49% (from 846.2 million in 1991 to 1263.5 million in 2016) The number of aged (persons aged 60 and above) is expected to increase by 107%, from 54.7 million to 113.0 million, in the corresponding 25 year period. In other words, the share of the aged in the total population will rise to 8.9% in 2016 (from 6.4% in 1991) . Over 28% (13 million) of the salaried employees and approximately 89.2% (280 million) of the workers (including self-employed and farmers) are not covered by any pension scheme that enables them to save for economic security during old age.


Types of old age homes

There are two types of Old Age Homes in India. One is the "Free" type which cares for the poor old people who have no one else to care for them. They are given shelter, food, clothing and medical care. The second type is the "Paid" home where care is provided for a fee. Nowadays, such "Retirement" homes have become very popular in India and they are well worth considering.



Why do people send their parents in old age home?

Quality of life Depends upon the situations No time given to the parents Problems after marriage The other reason may be that the kids just aren't in a position to take care of their parents, so they have to put them in a home.5/5/12

problem of old age in India

A man's life is normally divided into five main stages viz :

infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age. In each of these stages an individual has to find himself in different situations and face different problems.


Medical Problems Faced by the Elderly


Mental illnesses Blood pressure Heart problems Eyes diseases Failure of special senses Skin care Mosquito bite diseases Fall related injury



Degenerative Diseases of Heart and Blood vessels Cancer Diabetes Diseases of Loco-motor System Genitourinary System Emotional Disorders Sexual Adjustment



Advantages of old age homes

Constant Care Rest for Family Members Socialization Assistance with Activities Company of other age-mates Personal security/safety5/5/12

Have to live according to institutes rules/ it is like living in a jail. Away from family and relatives/feeling of being isolated/minimum interaction with out side world. Inadequate medical care/lack of cleanliness of rooms, bath-rooms and toilets. Sharing accommodation with unknown people. Loss of self respect/living on charity/ institutional living is painful. Food is not suitable/palatable.

Disadvantages of old age homes


children as main support in old age

Children are expected to support parents. It is a tradition, customary for children to look after elderly parents. When children are young parents look after them, so in old age children should care for their ageing parents. Only sons are expected to support parents in old age, but not daughters.


Children not as main support in old age

Children have become selfish/want to live their own lives without responsibility of parents/ children forget sacrifices made by parents. In pursuit of economic and professional growth children dont want to care for the elderly. Son may be willing but daughter-in-law may not be willing to look after the elderly. If parents have money, only then children will look after them in old age.5/5/12

Rights of the Elderly

Parents cannot be evicted from a house without due process of law if they have been staying there from before. There are three enactments that can be applied. Under section 125 of the Cr PC, a magistrate can order a child to maintain his old parents under the Maintenance of Parents Act. The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act say an aged parent can demand maintenance from children in the same way that a wife can demand it from her husband. The Domestic Violence Act too provides parents with the right to seek relief from any kind of abuse.


List of the old age homes of India

Aram Ghar Shivarampally, Hyderabad The Delhi Christian Friend in Need Society, Home for the Aged, New Delhi Anand Ashram Trust, Churchgate,Mumbai Mother Teresa's Home, Santacruz (W),Mumbai


We need to remember that life is a circle. What we give comes back to us. &, history could repeat itself !5/5/12

Thank You5/5/12