Offloading Device for the Reduction of Foot Complications in Diabetic Patients

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Offloading Device for the Reduction of Foot Complications in Diabetic Patients. Michael Osborne Rod Aliabadi Patrick Gonzales Colin Smith. Diabetes and the Effects. Affects 20.8 million Americans Insufficient insulin production or action Neuropathy Foot deformation Poor circulation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Offloading Device for the Reduction of Foot Complications in Diabetic PatientsMichael OsborneRod AliabadiPatrick GonzalesColin Smith</p></li><li><p>Diabetes and the EffectsAffects 20.8 million AmericansInsufficient insulin production or actionNeuropathyFoot deformationPoor circulationDecreased healing</p></li><li><p>Device SpecificationsAffordableAs or more effective than current productsMade of resilient, supportive, malleable, and soft materialsCan be adjusted for changesMore attractive versatile than current productsLight weight</p></li><li><p>Our Current PlanInsert for any deep, loose shoePerforated layers for customization and offloading-eliminate labor costSurrounds and conforms to foot to offload-different foamsRigid toe box, sole and heel protectionSlide with foot and provide vertical force supportLow cost by eliminating laborBooklet to advise patients and clinicians on advisable changes for a given morphology</p></li><li><p>Within the rapidly growing diabetes market, companies will find it extremely challenging to protect their market share because of intensifying competition, no longer can a manufacturer concentrate on just one segment and lead the market. Apart from having an ambitious product line strategy, manufacturers need to enter into other diabetes segments in order to not only protect but also grow their market share.</p><p>-Ajit Baid (2003)CEO, F&amp;S industry analysis</p></li><li><p>Is There a Legit Market?$27,987 20.8 million people in the US6% incidence</p><p>= $34,927,776,000</p></li><li><p>How Does Medicare Fit into the Picture?Two optionsOne pair of depth-inlay shoes and three pairs of insertsOne pair of custom molded shoes with insertsIfDiabetes, amputation, past ulceration, calluses, neuropathy, poor circulation </p></li><li><p>So whats the Problem?Industry + Medicare can not adequately meet the patients medical or financial needs.</p></li><li><p>Healing/Offloading BootsCurrent designs utilizes removable units to eliminate weight on current ulcers</p></li><li><p>Orthopedic Preventive FootwearOrthopedic footwear attempts to distribute weight to prevent foot ulcers</p></li><li><p>Our DesignPrevious offloading devices Customized orthotic footwearCustomizable Orthopedic Insert for Offloading</p></li><li><p>Expert Advice/Correspondence</p><p>AdvisorsPaul King, Ph.D.Professional EngineerNaji Abumrad, M.D.General SurgeonRobert Schwartz, M.D.Vascular SurgeonHorace Watson, M.D.Orthopedic Surgeon</p><p>Future AdvisorsJared CobbFormer CIO of Sole SupportsKong Y. Chen, Ph.D.Diabetes ResearchMike MonziNopco specializes in orthopedic shoesMonet CalanNashville Orthotics and ProstheticsCustomers/PatientsQFD </p></li><li><p>Future Goals and Budget</p><p>Next Steps:Further Patent ResearchInnovation WorkbenchMaterials Research</p><p>Timeline:Present-DecemberResearch/Preliminary DesignJanuaryDetailed Design(Safety/Drawings)February-MarchPrototype ConstructionAprilTesting/Analysis</p><p>Budget:$2000?Materials, Pressure Distribution Testing (Labview), Existing Devices, Prototype Manufacturing, and Basic Machining Tools</p></li></ul>


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