oclc illiad is a client/server solution in which the server software is hosted off-site by oclc....

Download OCLC ILLiad  is a client/server solution in which the server software is hosted off-site by OCLC. Atlas Systems, an OCLC partner, provides ILLiad software development,

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  • Interlibrary loan automation for the way you work

    We are a worldwide library cooperative, owned, governed and sustained by members since 1967. Our public purpose is a statement of commitment to each otherthat we will work together to improve access to the information held in libraries around the globe, and find ways to reduce costs for libraries through collaboration.

    ILLiad changed our lives.


    OCLC ILLiad

  • Faster, smarter automated ILLILLiad interoperates with other ILL systems, such as DOCLINE, so you can accommodate multiple libraries collections and consortial partnerships without adding staff.

    Automated request and notificationILLiad replaces traditional paper requests and notifications with emails and text messages. Automated patron request notifications streamline your workflow and give users easy, Web-based and mobile access to monitor their request status.

    Document delivery to the desktopILLiad includes Odyssey software, a document delivery tool especially for libraries. Odyssey allows staff to send and receive documents from other ILLiad libraries and non-ILLiad sites using the Odyssey stand-alone client with a TWAIN-compliant scanner.

    ILLiad users may also deliver documents through Article Exchange, OCLCs secure document delivery tool. Article Exchange supports delivery of large files with built-in file deletion that assists libraries with copyright compliance. You can send OCLC requests and other types of requests (e.g., Rapid, DOCLINE) through Article Exchange.

    Statistics that keep you informedILLiad generates detailed reports in real time to help you efficiently track your workflow and keep your administrators

    up to date. Lending reports allow borrowing institutions to view current tracking information about requests sent through online systems. And the built-in tools within ILLiad let you track and monitor all requests for journal articles, which can help you maintain copyright compliance.

    User self-service toolsILLiad allows users to create their own accounts so they can create and manage requests remotely. Automatic status messages and notifications let them know when their items have arrived.

    An efficient way to manage your entire ILL workloadILLiad is a fast, full-featured, paperless alternative to traditional interlibrary loan (ILL). It improves ILL functions by consolidating all borrowing, lending, document delivery and tracking capabilities into a single, highly customizable interface.

    ILLiad also smoothly integrates with OCLCs WorldCat database, plugging you into the worlds largest collection of shared resources in libraries. And its customizable features leave your staff with more time to focus on user services instead of administrative paperwork.A hosted solutionOCLC knows how difficult it can be for libraries to maintain their own serversthey are expensive and require attention by library IT staff. With ILLiads hosted service, OCLC takes care of all the server hardware and software components and manages all server back-ups and upgrades. Hosting saves you server space, reduces your internal technical support demands and eliminates your future costs for hardware and software upgrades. With the online scheduler, you can control the timing of automatic upgrades so they align with your workflows.

    ILLiad resource sharing management software automates routine interlibrary loan functions to increase productivity and reduce paperwork. Using ILLiad, your staff can manage all of your borrowing, lending and document delivery through a single, Windows-based, client/server interface. ILLiad lets users serve themselves and meets their needs through a global network of more than 9,000 libraries.

    Below, an article request is being processed on ILLiads client borrowing screen.

  • Expand your reach With ILLiad, you save time by managing all of your ILL tasks through a single, Windows-based interface. Tools that complement your existing services allow even more customization for your library.

    WorldCat and resource sharingILLiad is the only ILL management system that provides a seamless, integrated interface to both WorldCat and to WorldShare Interlibrary Loan. That means you can build on the ILL foundation you already have without re-engineering your entire workflow. Requests that begin with a search in WorldCat are then managed within ILLiad. ILL updates and request downloads are performed automatically.

    Standards-based integrationILLiad can send and receive ILL requests with DOCLINE and many ISO ILL systems. This feature, combined with an integrated OCLC ILL interface, provides ILLiad users with a wealth of options for interlibrary loan. ILLiad can even print your request as an ALA form for mailing and help you track incoming printed ALA requests from borrowing libraries.

    ILL Direct RequestThe ILL direct request feature automates user-generated requests by bypassing staff review when citations for needed items match specific library-controlled criteria. For example, a faculty request for a journal article freely available within your consortium would go directly to libraries that can fill it. Your direct request profile sets the criteria that determine if requests are manually processed or automatically sent to an eligible supplier. You can also determine whether sharing is available for items you already own. Turnaround time quickens, backlogs shrink and your staff can focus on other priorities.

    Simplified billing and copyright tracking With ILLiad, a direct link to the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Permissions Gateway provides fast, up-to-date, royalty-fee pricing for your copyright tracking. Additionally, an independent billing module allows you to easily track, pay and invoice libraries. Libraries may use OCLCs Interlibrary Loan Fee Management (IFM) to pay for documents purchased form the CCCs Get It Now service.

    Through ILLiad, you can fill requests for electronic articles within hours. Data about your librarys electronic resources are linked to ILLiad through the WorldCat knowledge base, which expedites resource-sharing workflows for e-articles.

    Speedy fulfillment for


    When users find materials in FirstSearch, WorldCat Discovery or another discovery service that supports OpenURL links, accurate citation information is transferred to ILLiad for fulfillment. Of course, your library staff isnt the only group to benefit from using ILLiad. Your users will thank you for it as well.

    With ILLiad, users can initiate and track their own requests from any Web browser. Once they set up their personal ILLiad accounts through your website, they can request materials whether theyre in the library or not.

    When users find materials through FirstSearch, WorldCat Discovery or another reference service, an OpenURL resolver automatically sends a citation to ILLiad for fulfillment. The user selects the method and location of material delivery without needing library staff to assist. Its perfect for large, distributed campuses with multiple locations.

    ILLiad tracks all of your users requests and notifies them when requests are completed. It even shows their request status, so they can see when each item is likely to be filled. Its a convenient feature for researchers and others who need specific articles by a certain deadline.

    End users love the simplicity. At Southeastern Louisiana University (SELU), active research faculty and eager students quickly adopted ILLiad as their new paperless, online interlibrary loan service. They are impressed with the systems features, and they spread the news on campus, says Rodney Clare Jackman, Reference/Instruction Librarian at SELUs Sims Memorial Library.

    At SELU, good news traveled fast. And now, thanks to ILLiad, its interlibrary loan requests can go just as fast.

    Spotlight on the user

  • Benefits Save time by automating routine interlibrary loan


    Do more with the same staff by freeing them from re-keying information and manually tracking requests

    Improve service to end users by letting them initiate and track their ILL requests online

    Eliminate ILL request paperwork, thereby removing the need for paper files and re-keying from paper request forms

    Customize the service using add-ons for Amazon, Google Scholar and more

    Receive live, online training from OCLCs partner, Atlas Systems, to keep your staff informed of best practices

    RequirementsILLiad is a client/server solution in which the server software is hosted off-site by OCLC. Atlas Systems, an OCLC partner, provides ILLiad software development, online training and documentation.

    Minimum hardware for ILLiad client

    Intel Pentium 4, 2 GHz processor

    2 GB RAM

    1024 x 768 screen resolution

    Minimum software

    Windows Vista

    Microsoft Word 2007

    Internet Explorer 7

    Microsoft .NET 4.5.1 Framework

    Features Integrated WorldShare Interlibrary Loan functionality

    Integration with DOCLINE to send, receive and track requests

    ISO compliance for peer-to-peer lending through ISO ILL

    OpenURL-supported reference services for user-initiated requests

    Online accounts for users to submit and track their requests

    Electronic document delivery using Odyssey and Article Exchange

    A single interface for ILL staff workflows

    Real-time statistics to track workflows and to quantify lenders

    Z39.50 compatibility for access to library systems for item verification

    Tools to manage billing and to track invoices

    Easy integration with EZproxy software for single sign-in authentication of users

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