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<p>OBSTACLES (CAREER DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES)</p> <p>OBSTACLES IN CAREER DEVELOPMENT ABDULLAH PAREKH021-13-23000IQRA UNIVERSITYOUTLINEINTRODUCTIONOBSTACLESCAREER DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES</p> <p> LACK OF FINANCING</p> <p>LACK OF CONFIDENCE</p> <p>LACK OF ATTENTION OR FOCUS</p> <p>CONCLUSIONINTRODUCTIONOBSTACLES</p> <p>INTRODUCTIONOBSTACLES</p> <p>DEFINITIONSomething that impedes progress or achievement</p> <p>Obstacles are hurdles in career development</p> <p>There will almost certainly be obstacles stopping you getting from where you are now to where you want to be INTRODUCTIONCAREER DEVELOPMENT </p> <p>DEFINITION</p> <p>Career development is a buzz phrase in all professional levels.</p> <p>Employees and employers alike a seeking opportunities to develop their career skills to keep up with current trends..Regardless of your career path, it is always beneficial to seek our career development opportunities for your area of professional knowledge INTRODUCTIONCAREER DEVELOPMENT </p> <p>Setting yourself up for success</p> <p>Getting ahead</p> <p>Discovering opportunitiesHave the right mindsetSeek opportunitiesIdentify your strength or weaknessPrepare and take action</p> <p>LACK OF FINANCINGIf a person want to make a good career he should have financing without it, he would be bid obstacle in career development.</p> <p>LACK OF CONFIDENCE</p> <p>LACK OF CONFIDENCEFor good career development lack of confidence is a major obstacle with lack of confidence one cannot develop his/her career .</p> <p>Confidence makes a person strong and powerful with confidence we can move ahead to develop our career.</p> <p>LACK OF ATTENTION OR FOCUS</p> <p>LACK OF ATTENTION OR FOCUSWith lack of attention and of focus one cannot build his/her career For career development lack of attention or focus is a major obstacle.</p> <p>CONCLUSIONNow we must realize that lack of financing, lack of confidence and lack of attention and focus are vital obstacles in career development</p> <p>For good career development one must have good financing, full confidence and attention or focus.</p>