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Explore the Objectives Small Business Basic and key components. Are you learning and doing the Objecttives Basics required to enjoy success and avoid failure in your small home based business?


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2. Objectives define a purpose, provide a course to run, a finish line and a time to beat. State objectives clearly and set deadlines. Plans may change, but objectives must remain.

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OBJECTIVESPurpose of Efforts 3. You are what you think. Opinion of self determines your level of success in both life and business . 1. List and prioritize what you are good at or like to do 2. Write and individual achievement statement.. 3. Set a specific time to update your list and statement. Personal Dreams Achieved By Personal Growth 4. There are conditions you can not control. Be realistic about how they might impact your goals. 1. Answer the question "What business am I in?".. 2. Create goals and set deadlines 3. Write a business overview statement. Business Goals Influenced By Conditions 5. Lifestyle is the integration of time and objectives. Mastering the use of time can change your lifestyle. 1. Tell yourself what you want. 2. Set goals for each area of your life 3. Use the time you have wisely. Lifestyle Integration of Time and Objectives 6. The amount of time in a day in not negotiable. How you use time is negotiable. 1. Time waits for no one - be specific. 2. List what you want to do and when you want it done. 3. Plan tomorrow, today.. Time Deadline for Completing Objectives 7. Small Home Based Business Avoid Failure Enjoy Success Offered by a major electric utility to over 29,000 small business customers, immediately available to ensure your small home based business success. The Profit Puzzle www.profitpuzzle.com