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<ul><li> 1. We will cover how to importan image, a photo, a video, and an audio clip into Windows Movie MakersCollection window. Sample Part A Video Animation Audio Image Photograph</li></ul> <p> 2. Step. 1 PART A PART A Step 1 Go to and select 3. </p> <ul><li>Locate the folder that contains all your media files for the WMM project.</li></ul> <p>PART A Step 2 Locate thefolder with all your multimedia files. Locate the media files you created in theCapture Tutorial. Choose one imageand click on 4. PART A Step 3 Now, it should appear in theCollection Pane.Click and drag the image intotheVideosection of the Timeline 5. PART A Step 3 ContinuedThe image should now appear in theTimeline. 6. PART A Step 4 Last,importan image and a picture you may have into theCollection Pane.I added two make to provide more visual references.Pull down theother two images. 7. PART A Step 4 Continued Last,importany extra images and pictures you may have into theCollectionCollection Pane.Pull down theother two images. 8. PART A Step 5 Now import an audio file. You should be able to see a music symbol in the Collection Pane.Drag the audio clip into Audio/Music section. 9. PART A Step 6 Now its time for the animation The animation and video gets t a bit tricky. Because the files are larger than the images and photos, WMM will automatically create a new Collection. 10. PART A Step 6 Continued Last, the animation &amp; video imports will get a bit tricky. Because animation and video files are larger than images and photos, WMM will automatically create a new Collection once you import them. 11. PART A Step 6 Continued Presto! You now just imported your first animation videointo WMM. Notice that there isA sound track? Thats because the animation includes sound effects, so it will automatically appear in the Audio section. 12. PART A Step 7 Finally. We are on our last media filevideo!Go ahead and import the video file. 13. PART A Step 7 Continued Finally. We are on our last media filevideo!Repeat everything you did for theanimation clip to the video . 14. PART A Congratulations! You are now donewith Part A of Editing. Click on Part B below to advance to the next section. Finish</p>