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  • 1. Oakridge international School Oakridge school based in Hyderabad, has beome the largestinternational school in India and the second largestIB school in Asia Pacic Oakridges Vision is building Communities of the future. Students who will imagine, create, inventand progress the human culture. It aims to be a school that nurtures creativity,Inspires self discovery, new thoughts and ideasin every child.

2. Key QuestionsHow can a school communicate and build its identity?How long will it take?What are the different ways in which you can go about this? 3. Create brand equity for this international school by designing a line of products for tweens( 8-14 years) that build the school brand. 4. Open Minds A line of products that facilitate creativity through a childcentric and open ended approach. 5. CreativityCreating, Inventing, Expressing, Being unique, Exploring Through Products?Building, Personalising, Customising, Combining, Provoking, Poking, New possibilities, Interacting 6. Insights 7. The Container----- the Facilitator My bag reects what i dowhat i want to dowho i am I do new things. Every day is not the same for me. 8. Pick main unit BackAble WearAble HangAble 9. Strap Back Able Stage 1 Base BoardHinge Port 10. Pick add-ons Art Kit Music Kit Food Pyramid Tifn Box Science Geometry Kit Magic Hat bag Photo display kit 11. Back Able Stage 2 Add OnsFasten add ons and components 12. Back AbleStage 3Base Board + Exterior Casingexterior cover add onsinternal compartments 13. Back Able Stage 4 Colour and Graphics 14. Application back-able 15. add ons food pyramid box 16. hang-able 17. magic hat kit wear-able 18. Possibilities level1 19. Possibilities level2 20. Possibilities level3 21. Space and Experience


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