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  • Azure Sydney User Group


    November 2015 Meetup

  • Agenda

    • Pizza and beer!

    • What’s new in Azure since our last meetup

    • Introduction to Azure Resource Manager – Simon Waight (Kloud Solutions).

  • Upcoming events

  • How much does Azure make?

    For the quarter ending June 2015

    Azure had ~ USD400 million in sales.

  • In Preview

    • Beta of DocumentDB connector for Power BI

    • Storage SDK for iOS (Obj-C / Swift)

    • Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

    • Azure Data Lake including analytics and store.

    • Azure Resource Health.

    • Azure Redis Cache Premium tier.

    • Azure SQL Database – AAD Authentication.

  • Generally Available

    • Azure PowerShell (no more “Azure-SwitchMode”)

    • Linux PowerShell DSC VM Extension.

    • MapR cluster one-click deployments.

    • Azure Search: support for 56 languages.

    • App Insights Telemetry Processor feature.

    • Azure Backup for Workloads (SQL, SharePoint, etc).

    • Azure SQL Data Warehouse improvements.

  • Generally Available

    • Web Apps improvements: • .Net 4.6, Process Explorer fixes, large AAD support, deploy

    from OneDrive (no, really!), better Portal experience, ClearDB (MySQL) cluster support.

    • Azure SQL DB: • Elastic query – joined database queries.

    • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).

    • Always Encrypted – multi-tenant support.

    • Dynamic Data Masking.

  • Generally Available

    • DocumentDB: • Geospatial support

    • Indexing online updates support.

    • JavaScript integrated query API.

    • Azure Media Indexer update (bugfix release).

    • Azure Data Factory (with more locations).

    • Azure CDN: country targetting; compression; analytics.

    • Azure CLI now supports MSA logins.

  • Generally Available

    • Azure Mobile Engagement

    • HDInsight on Linux

    • ExpressRoute – improved billing and O365

    • Azure alerts to trigger Azure Automation

    • Cloud Foundry.

  • Announcements

    • Scalr support for Azure.

    • Application Insights moving from VSO to Azure.

    • Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System Support.

    • Windows Server 2016 Tech Preview 3 (with Containers!)

    • Azure CDN will leverage Akamai

  • Azure Sydney User Group

    Introduction to Azure Resource Manager

    Simon Waight, Kloud Solutions


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