november 18, 2011 - unrwa november 18, 2011 issue no. 133 reconstruction: unrwa will handover the...

November 18, 2011 - UNRWA November 18, 2011 Issue No. 133 Reconstruction: UNRWA will handover the site
November 18, 2011 - UNRWA November 18, 2011 Issue No. 133 Reconstruction: UNRWA will handover the site
Download November 18, 2011 - UNRWA November 18, 2011 Issue No. 133 Reconstruction: UNRWA will handover the site

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  • November 18, 2011 Issue No. 133

    Reconstruction: UNRWA will handover the site of A0/N100 to the construction contractor EBCO-Bitar this month.

    This contractor is also responsible for the 39 buildings that were removed from Al-Jihad's contract for Package 1.

    Works are expected to take 15 months.

    Reconstruction will not commence in two blocks in area A0 - N101 and N102 - plus the whole of Block N8 that

    was removed from Danash's contract, until certain design issues are resolved concerning steep slopes in this

    area and the interface with plot 39 in the adjacent area. There are a number of problems with the interface –

    which is the line where the Old Camp touches the adjacent areas, all around the boundary of the Old Camp. The

    consultant Rafiq el-Khoury has been tasked with working on all the interface problems and, as a result, it has

    recently started meeting with the Director General of Urban Planning (DGUP), the Lebanese-Palestinian

    Dialogue Committee (LPDC) and UNRWA to resume the discussions that occurred during 2010. Some of the

    interface problems will require compromises and it will take time to bring all the interested parties together to

    make them, but it is important to note that there is a process through which they are being actively addressed.

    UNRWA meeting with the Popular Committee on Package 1: UNRWA met with the Popular Committee this week and discussed issues raised by the P1 residents related to

    some technical issues like water, connection of the electricity meters, the upcoming changes with regards to the

    food distribution, and some fittings that require repair by the contractor. Discussion also included the proposal

    to resurface one of the old roads through Plot 39 to improve access to the schools.

    Discussions with the Popular Committee resulted in: (1) The maintenance team will be make the final

    connection of electricity to the house after the electric meter is installed by the EDL. (2) NMU will arrange a

    meeting between the Popular Committee with both the Field and the Area Sanitation Officers to discuss the

    water quality issues. (3) Engineers from UNRWA and the consultant will continue their visits to houses in

    Package 1 to inspect fittings that may not satisfy the agreed specifications. (4) As for the road in Plot 39, UNRWA

    confirmed that it has no intention to remove any rubble from any building, only to surface one of the roads

    through the area. This is in response to a request by the Popular Committee, but UNRWA still needs final

    approval from the army before this could happen.

    Distribution of food parcels for the displaced families from NBC: (November-December) There has been some modification to the dates of the distribution of the food parcels. Please, refer to the

    schedules below:

    Distribution of Cash for Food:

    Area Date of Distribution

    Displaced living in Beddawi and it vicinity 21, 23, 24 November

    Displaced living in Beddawi and Tripoli 25 November

    Displaced living in the adjacent area to NBC 28, 29 30 November; 1,2,5,6,7 December

  • Distribution of Cash for Food:

    Area Date of Distribution

    Displaced living in Beddawi and its vicinity 23, 24, 25 November

    Displaced living in NBC and the adjacent areas 28, 29, 30 November and 1 October

    Displaced living Tripoli and its vicinity 2 October

    "NLA Services & Camp News" Health- World Diabetes Day: Some NBC residents complained about a shortage of some regular drugs in the NBC dispensary in Health Clinic

    II. This was because of the delay in receiving the ‘green book’, but all essential medications should now be


    On the occasion of World Diabetes Day held on November 14, activities were organized in Al Mina Health Centre

    which included awareness sessions to patients. Posters were put up on display covering facts about diabetes, its

    symptoms, importance of early screening and early diagnosis in prevention and curative treatment of the

    disease, ways of prevention and the importance of maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise, and the

    importance of regular treatment. The meeting was followed by a Q&A session and feedback from the

    community. Clinic I did a screening for 62 cases and at the Centre for the Elderly.

    NGOs News: On November 1, the Multipurpose Community Development Centre in Beddawi inaugurated the Production

    Unit for Desserts and Pastries. The income generating project will provide work opportunity for two women and

    three men. Members of the community are welcome to place dessert and pastry orders at the production unit.

    The Multipurpose Community Development Centre is also offering new courses in AutoCad, ICDL, dressing,

    computer maintenance, and filming and editing. Registration is now open for the courses, which will commence

    in January 2011. For more information, please visit the center or call on extention: 2237. The Palestine Scout- Qadesieh band, organized a Crèmes Atfal Alhejara 22 throughout the Eid holidays. It

    consisted of recreational activities, games, and an awarding ceremony. Two hundred and twenty eight

    commercial shops in Beddawi contributed to the Crèmes. On November 12 and on the occasion of Eid El-Adha, Inmaa Cultural and Social Foundation in coordination with

    Palestine Scout- Qadesieh band, provided 1,483 gifts (bags and stationery) to kindergartens in Beddawi and to

    NBC students residing in Beddawi.

    If there are any misprints or inaccurate statements, please go to Communications Officer - Telephone number: 03790424 This newsletter was published thanks donor's contributions in NBC

    Announcement: The Popular Committee in NBC is in need for a volunteer for office and administrative works for two hours

    on a daily basis. The candidates should have good knowledge of computer. To apply please go the

    Communications Office in NBC or the Popular Committee offices.


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