nothing is impossible, the story of beatrix potter by laura

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  • Nothing is Impossible, The story of Beatrix Potter By Laura
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  • Childhood Born on o She Lived on #2 Bolton Garden London o it is the most boring place know to man kind o she spent most of her time, drawing and writing
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  • Her bond to animals o She loved drawing animals o She put clothes on them o And she put furniture in there houses o Animals were her only friend
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  • Her connection to the outdoor o Potter loved the outdoors as well as animals o She thought it equaled tranquility o And high-quality colors
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  • Her marriages o she got married to Norman Warne o Then she got married to William Heelis
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  • What was her dream? o her dream was to become a writer o Her first published book: the tale of Peter the rabbit
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  • How did her life change after that? o She grew more well known through out the Untied Kingdom for her books o She bought her house in the hills of Scotland o Her garden was five kilometers long filled with animals
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  • Miss Potter (the movie)
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  • What Ib learner profile is she? o Beatrix was open minded o Beatrix was also caring
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  • Did she make a difference in the community?
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  • Where I got my photos 2601-large.jpg 2601-large.jpg 2008/01/beatrix-potter.jpg 2008/01/beatrix-potter.jpg 2008/01/beatrix-potter.jpg 2008/01/beatrix-potter.jpg s/SIwmFaX7AVI/AAAAAAAAA3o/PCSD1WZy P7o/s400/Beatrix_Potter.jpg
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  • Where I got my photos /benjamin_bunny.jpg /benjamin_bunny.jpg 10/tam-benjamin-bunny-beatrix-potter1.jpg s4/beatrix.jpg http://www.sacredart- rix%20Potter/beatrix-potter-mural-20.jpg
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  • Where I got my photos /SgbzV_s8tFI/AAAAAAAAA1w/ckMtjUleDY Q/s400/miss-potter-poster-0.jpg


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