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<ul><li> 1. Under the Northern Lights EMILY SHORT </li> <li> 2. Overview B E F O R E , D U R I N G , A F T E R S H I F TC O M M U N I C A T I N G S H I F T T O O T H E R S M Y R E A C T I O N T O T H E S H I F T I M P A C T O F S H I F T O N M Y L I F E </li> <li> 3. "The fact is, that to do anything in the world worth doing,we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the coldand danger, but jump in and scramble through as well aswe can." -Robert Cushing </li> <li> 4. Before theShiftNew Albany, OhioWhite fencesCountry Club </li> <li> 5. Before theShiftTrapped withinthe bubbleIgnorance </li> <li> 6. During and After the ShiftSenior Seminar New teaching goalsNorthern Lights branch Popped the bubbleOutside of the bubble Still connected to both sides of the fences </li> <li> 7. Communicating the Shift Daily journal Project Management </li> <li> 8. Communicating the Shift Casual conversation (peers, family, instructors) Meetings with Advisor </li> <li> 9. Communicating the Shift All completed components Formal presentation </li> <li> 10. Response to my Shift Friends and FamilyTheir Response: My Response: Genuinely interested Explain enthusiastically Unfamiliar Influence </li> <li> 11. Response to my Shift AdvisorHer Response: My Response: Impressed Taking her advice Wanting to know more Thoughts about doing Pushing for more things differently involvement </li> <li> 12. Response to my Shift Senior Seminar JudgesTheir Response: My Response: Intrigued Confidence Impressed Appreciation You will make a great Satisfaction teacher </li> <li> 13. "A mind that is stretched by a new experiencecan never go back to its old dimensions. -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. </li> <li> 14. Works Cited"Experience Quotes." BrainyQuote. BookRags Media Network, 2012. Web. 19 Sep 2012. ."Personal Growth and Self Development Quotes ." Inspirational Quotes. Infinity Web Development, LLC, 2012. Web. 9/19/12. . </li> </ul>